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Top 3 reasons why amateur real estate investors fail

Top 3 Reasons Why Amateur Real Estate Investors Fail

Real estate investors are always looking for good investing opportunities. However, not everyone who invests is successful. Why is this? This is because real estate is a complex market; success depends on many factors. As a real estate investor, it

Top 3 Situations when you should not pay off your mortgage

Top 3 Situations When You Should Not Pay off Your Mortgage

Financial planning and asset protection are important for protecting your financial future. Buying a house with a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions that you might ever consider. Certainly, there are also situations when you should not pay

Top 4 Mistakes That Real Estate Listing Agents Make

Top 4 Mistakes That Real Estate Listing Agents Make

Humans make mistakes. Even the most experienced real estate listing agents make mistakes throughout their career. However, learning from their mistakes, as well as the mistakes of others, makes them ultimately successful. If you want to avoid making your own

How to Quickly Generate Real Estate Leads Online

How to Quickly Generate Real Estate Leads Online

Generating plenty of real estate leads is an essential part of being a successful real estate agent. In fact, experts believe that every agent should spend at least a few hours per day on scouring for prospective customers. However, generating

How to be good at cutting real estate expenses

How to Be Good at Cutting Real Estate Expenses

Living costs can quickly add up. One of the easiest ways to cut down on these costs and to boost your investments is by cutting your real estate costs with a house hacking strategy. With this strategy, you purchase a

Top Mistakes That Real Estate Investors Make

Real Estate Investing: Top Mistakes

We are all prone to making mistakes when it comes to real estate investing. The occasional oversight is inevitable. However, make sure to learn your lesson the first time around. Below are some of the critical errors that a long-term

How to buy houses remotely and be good at it

How to Buy Houses Remotely and Be Good at It

Buying a house, without seeing it first, might seem like a nightmare to some. Humans feel safer when they can see every aspect of a building, before they buy it. However, anyone can buy houses remotely, and be good at

Here is why turnkey companies are the root of all evil

Here Is Why Turnkey Companies Are the Root of All Evil

There is a lot of pressure on investors to buy properties from turnkey companies. Unfortunately, turnkey companies host some of the worst investments out there. Below are reasons why you should run from away from turnkey companies. Turnkey Companies Are