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The Cheapest Land to Buy in the U.S.

The Cheapest Land to Buy in the U.S.

Cheap real estate and the United States are not typically words that you hear together, but it does not mean there are no good deals to be had. Affordable real estate does exist, and it gets even more available when you are talking about raw land. So, do not think that you need to be a millionaire. Here are a few places to buy a property for $10,000 or less.

Cheap Land in Kenai Peninsula County, Alaska

Do you like the cold? If so, then Kenai Peninsula Country, Alaska is the place for you. There are several options for cheap land deals here. Take, for example, the 1.07 acres in Homer, Alaska, for a total price of $9,500. Or, consider 1.12 acres in Cooper Landing for $9,900. Situated amongst the mountainous frontier that is Alaska, this is the ideal location for someone who wants privacy and fresh air.

California Dreaming for Under $8,000

Is it possible? Can you really get acres of land in the expensive state of California for under $8,000? Yes, it is certainly possible. However, keep in mind that Modoc County is not the California of the Kardashians or the Zuckerbergs. It is the California of cattle ranchers. Yes, you might not find a lot to do out in Modoc County, California, but the land deals are some of the cheapest in the United States. Plus, the mountain views are phenomenal.

Navajo County: So Cheap You Will Laugh

Perhaps the cheapest place where you can buy acres of land in the United States is Navajo County, Arizona. Priced at $450 an acre, you can buy 10 acres in the area for $4,500. Why you would want to do it is anyone’s guess; however, the point is that cheap land is still available in America.

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