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February with Propy

Propy made major strides in February, revolutionizing the fashion industry with our team’s involvement in New York Fashion Week. Additionally, we ventured to Dubai – a metabolic center of innovation as well as crypto capital – to explore global real estate markets. Our CEO Natalia Karayaneva wrote an article for Forbes detailing five tech trends revolutionizing real estate, while Rismedia revealed Web3 development opportunities within the metaverse covering our Meta Agent Course.

Now that February is behind us, let’s take one last look back at what kept us so busy throughout the previous month.

Fashion x blockchain at NYFW

In February, Propy Labs teamed up with Vivienne Tam to revolutionize the fashion world! We helped this iconic designer bring her Chinese-inspired collection into a new realm of virtual runways at NY Fashion Week. With an inspiring passion for innovation and exploration, Vivienne showed us firsthand how creativity can still shine – thanks to our 3D architecture contributions from Propy’s team.

From the comforts of their own home, attendees from all around the world were able to join and experience a unique Fashion Show in NYC. This metaverse event allowed people everywhere to virtually witness one of fashion’s most symbolic celebrations regardless of physical distance! To make such a momentous occasion possible our team worked on designing and constructing 3D virtual venues – including everything down to the groundbreaking “metaverse” red carpet area. It indeed was history in the making!

Propy at Dubai: The city of dreams

Ready to take your business and investments into the future? Look no further than Dubai. Our team had ambitious plans when we visited this global hub in February, including meetings with agents and real estate investors, and property tours – creating a unique opportunity for growth. Not only is the city known for its luxury shopping and soaring architecture. It’s also rapidly becoming recognized as an important crypto capital – making it an ideal destination for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking big returns on their investments.

Dubai’s real estate market is booming, and investors are taking notice. In 2022 alone there were over 90 thousand residential transactions in the city! The growth is due to people relocating for remote work or learning opportunities as well as foreign investments attracted by Dubai’s ease of doing business, stability of the market, and government initiatives designed to encourage it.

As Dubai is one of the most performing markets we aim to provide US agents with first-hand knowledge so they can keep conversations with their clients about real estate globally. More and More consumers are reaching out to us to check if we have the right professionals to close a deal in different markets because they trust Propy. Follow us on Instagram to be the first to see investment opportunities in Dubai.

The latest by our CEO for Forbes

In February, our CEO Natalia Karayaneva wrote a groundbreaking article for Forbes that took readers on a journey through the tech transformation of real estate. This must-read covered five of the newest trends driving this evolution: AI (Artificial intelligence) and blockchain technology to name just two.

Natalia explores Generative AI which is revolutionizing automation processes; Real World Assets & Proptech 3.0 Evolvement helping to open up new investment possibilities through digital platforms; Decarbonization & Sustainability unlocking sustainable opportunities while reducing energy consumption; Contech – Innovation in Construction driving efficiency through optimized construction projects at scale; and Capital Flowing into Proptech bringing fresh capital investments for a dynamic future of growth.

Be sure to read Natalia’s Forbes article if you want all the details.

Propy covered by RisMedia

In February, Propy made news when leading real estate professionals discussed the concept around metaverse in a Rismedia article. With an eye on Web3 development, these pros revealed how digital properties will continue to offer opportunities for savvy investors and buyers alike.

The article also mentioned Propy’s core idea of spreading the word about the metaverse by educating real estate agents with the Meta Agent course:

“Propy launched their Meta Course designed to teach agents any and all information they needed to work in Meta real estate, from virtual reality basics to more interactive details of VR transaction.”

This Meta Agent Course is an essential learning experience for anyone who is looking to understand how metaverses and digital land investing fit into the wider tech world. The training provides you with the tools and information you need to become an expert on real estate in the metaverse, and how you can use this knowledge to gain more clients and grow your business.

If you are interested in joining this journey, you can book a seat for our online Live Meta Agent Class happening March 8th at 9 AM MT!

With that, we conclude an exciting month and eagerly await what March will bring. This upcoming month promises many possibilities, from new opportunities to surprises around the corner!

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