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Propy Labs at NY Fashion Week

With the metaverse growing in popularity, Propy is excited to see how it will revolutionize not only the real estate and tech industry but also the design industry.

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Propy was proud to be part of Vivienne Tam’s team that brought this iconic designer’s fashion collection into the metaverse with a spectacular show during the NY Fashion Week in February 2023. With her brand inspired by Chinese culture, design, and modern fashion, Vivienne is one of the most emblematic designers nowadays. Her inspiration to be an innovator makes her uncover the potential of virtual runways and we at Propy are thrilled to contribute, share creative minds, and build the 3D architecture of the show.

Attendees from across the globe were able to visit a live Fashion Show in NYC and join virtually where a metaverse event was held at the same time. With the event offered online, people everywhere could take part in and experience the feeling of being in one of the most symbolic celebrations in the world of design.

As a regular show for style, the event had a red-carpet venue where well-known celebrities could pose and take pictures. But how about taking a picture at NY Fashion Week while you are at home? Well, that was possible! Celebs were able to attend the metaverse red-carpet zone and capture the moment with most of the stars being crypto influencers.

After exiting the red carpet venue attendees were able to enter the actual runway location. This is the WOW moment. At this zone, people were able to watch a live stream of the fashion runway show that took place in NYC at this time.

We at Propy are Web 3.0 builders and took a close eye on every detail possible. The runway hall had a front row reserved for the VIPs just like in regular runway shows so you were able to feel the atmosphere of uncovering the latest trends in the design industry. Additionally, the runway had “portals” installed through which people that were live at the NYC event were able to communicate and interact with the metaverse visitors so you were able to meet in person “digitally” many famous people.

To build this immersive event and experience the movements the global leading designers make, Propy teamed up with Vivienne Tam, Vatom, Aleph Branch, Luby Tech, Kerry Chrapliwy, and Meredith Morris.

Our involvement was that we had been designing and building all of the 3D metaverse venues from the virtual red carpet area to the virtual runway zone. The team from Propy Labs dived deeper into being metaverse architects, providing 3D architecture services and building 3D models in which virtual visitors from all around the globe were able to walk around, enjoy the event, and communicate with people they admire. We are happy to set the strong fundamentals of a united metaverse where everyone can interact freely by using decentralized tools.

We can’t wait to watch virtual runways become the next big thing. Who knows what’s possible when it comes to metaverse creativity? The possibilities seem endless and we at Propy look forward to seeing what creative minds come up with next.

More about Propy Labs

Propy Labs is part of Propy, the first Web 3 platform for real estate sales, title & escrow on blockchain. It offers expertise in metaverse architecture including the design and implementation of structures for digital environments. The company brings cutting-edge technology and design to the digital world, allowing people to interact and explore structures in a whole new way.

With Propy Labs, people can experience a new level of design and architecture, taking advantage of the limitless possibilities of the digital realm.

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