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How to Attract New-School Real Estate Agents to a Real Estate Brokerage

How to Attract New-School Real Estate Agents to Your Real Estate Brokerage

The real estate industry requires fresh minds every now and then, and having new-school real estate agents join your brokerage is a great idea. Most are very familiar with the digital age and technological resources. Below are tips on how to attract them to your real estate brokerage.

Why Hire Young Real Estate Agents?

Every young potential home buyer or seller has a specific idea of what an experience should be like. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to have a workforce that can meet such clients’ needs. New-school real estate agents will, without doubt, cause a significant improvement in the modern aspect of your brokerage. This is because of these young agents’ constant fascination with trends and informative updates.

There are some characteristics that are common to all new-school real estate agents. These agents go after jobs that have flexible working hours and that enable them to work anywhere. Additionally, they will likely be on social media or blogs, looking at recent happenings. New-school real estate agents are part of a motivated, social, and creative generation.

Attracting New-School Real Estate Agents

There are several ways to attract new-school real estate agents. These ways include making use of social media, emphasizing company culture, and conducting video interviews.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media is a great tool to use to look for new-school real estate agents. This is because young job seekers like to use social media. Therefore, turning a blind eye to social media means that you might lose out.

Emphasize Company Culture

Make the culture of your brokerage friendly. You can do this by offering benefits that center around community volunteering. This is because new-school agents like to feel that they have an impact on the world.

Conduct Video Interviews

Video interviews are useful in today’s age. So, state in your job ads that the interview will be through a video chatting platform, such as as Skype. This is one way to call the attention of many people. This is because some people might not have an interest in traveling long distances for interviews.

To attract new-school real estate agents, always focus on their skills, outstanding attributes, and preferences. There is an entire generation out there that wants to make an impact on real estate.

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