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How to Become an Outstanding Listing Agent

How to Become an Outstanding Listing Agent

A listing agent is in the business of selling houses. If the properties do not sell, the listing agent does not get paid. Therefore, while there are many aspects to the listing agent’s career, there are only a handful of skill sets which will make or break the individual who is pursuing success in this career path. Here are the best recommendations for new listing agents who are just starting out.

Become a Marketing Expert

It is no fluke that many listing agents come from a marketing background. The web of modern marketing methods is continually changing, but learning how the marketing machine works within your region and industry is vital to succeeding in this field. If you have no marketing background, seriously consider taking some classes (if not getting an entire degree). There are plenty of listing agents out there who are looking for shortcuts and “quick tips” to get world-class results, but there is no easy way. Dig deep on this subject, and you will have some luck.

Be Image-Conscious

Your photos should be outstanding. Hire a great photographer or learn how to be one yourself. Edit your photos professionally. Finally, include enough images to give an excellent visual representation of the property (but not so many that the viewer gets fatigued). Ultimately, your photos should stand apart from all of the other images used to sell houses in your area. If they are a cut above the rest, your property will sell more quickly.

Learn to Write Great Copy

There are “agent remarks” sections in most online property listings. If you find one, this is your time to shine. An estimated 60% of prospective home buyers read such comments, so you will be able to quickly impart your message to people who are interested in buying the house. Feel free to write with personality; your message has to stand out from the pack.

Successful listing agents are great salespeople. They learn to tell the tale of a property in the most compelling way possible. Whatever techniques you use, use them with conviction. Your energy could make you a regional success story among listing agents.

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