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How to Effectively Recruit and Retain Real Estate Agents

How to Effectively Recruit and Retain Real Estate Agents

Agents are the backbone of any real estate brokerage, but attracting talent is easier said than done. To succeed, a firm must think past high commission splits and make a comprehensive value proposition.

How to Offer Value to Agent

Brick-and-mortar shops can provide a dedicated workspace and mentorship opportunities, and any brokerage, whether physical or virtual, can extend marketing support. The latter is especially helpful as it frees agents to focus on lead generation while increasing the likelihood that their email and social media campaigns will yield results.

To attract quality people, real estate brokerages must also invest in the latest client and transaction management tools. Agents place the most value on groupware, a powerful CRM, and tech that simplifies the tedious back-and-forth that has always dogged the purchase process.

Propy, the Future of Real Estate

There are plenty of cloud-based apps that facilitate collaboration, and there are several popular CRMs. However, Propy’s all-in-one Transaction Platform is a unique system that incorporates features of both while streamlining and securing the purchase and sale.

By integrating DocuSign technology, Propy enables participants to share and sign their paperwork virtually. Once the documents are signed, they are then encrypted, time-stamped, and committed to the blockchain. Chief among those documents is the real estate deed, or written record of the transaction. Storing the deed on blockchain ensures that it is safe from hack or adulteration yet available to all interested parties in perpetuity.

In addition, Propy centralizes escrow to eliminate email-based wire fraud, leverages smart contracts to computerize the work of expensive middlemen, and provides instant notifications and alerts.

How to Effectively Recruit and Retain Real Estate Agents

A True Recruiting Advantage

While many real estate firms can offer a collegial atmosphere, marketing support, and a solid CRM, only the most forward-looking lean on services like Propy to accelerate workflows and cut costs. For agents targeting millennials, the latest tech is a must. For others, DocuSign, blockchain deed registration, and smart contracts are simply a better way to do business. Brokerages that recognize this gain a competitive edge when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent.

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