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How to Handle Dangerous or Difficult Neighbors

How to Handle Dangerous or Difficult Neighbors

Most neighbor relationships are no problem at all, but others can be difficult or even dangerous. If you have a toxic neighbor who is ruining your vibe, here are a few ways to deal with him or her.

The Dangerous Neighbor

There are many ways to be dangerous. Perhaps, your neighbor cooks meth, has a paranoid (and aggressive) relationship with firearms, or is a sexual predator. In all cases, it is best to make yourself aware, as best that you are able, of this individual’s behavior and capabilities. For sex offenders, the National Sexual Offender Registry can give you the information that you need. For dangerous illegal activity, the police are available a phone call away. For all else, perhaps it is best to keep yourself at a distance.

The Difficult Neighbor

Difficult neighbors are another breed. Perhaps, they keep a filthy yard or call the city on you for tiny or imagined code infractions. Whatever the case, sometimes it is best to introduce yourself to your neighbor in an attempt to ingratiate yourself with him or her. It might set yourself apart as a kind person who has a positive impact on the neighborhood. If you can get into your tough neighbor’s good graces, he or she might turn his or her ire to less fortunate parties.

In some cases, however, there is no getting through to a difficult neighbor. In this case, it is best to keep to yourself and take careful notes of any incidents of harassment or abuse. Contact the city or police in relevant situations, and do not be afraid to contact your neighbor in writing, should he or she cross a line. Records like these can work wonders to establish a timeline of events, should your relationship with your difficult neighbor ever turn into a legal battle.

Of course, some neighbor relationships are beyond saving. In these cases, you can consider moving somewhere else. If you decide to purchase a new house somewhere else, consider using Propy’s Transaction Platform to close the real estate transaction quickly, affordably, and securely. Your neighbor might be a headache, but your transaction does not have to be.

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