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How to Increase Your Efficiencies and Become More Profitable

How to Increase Your Efficiencies and Become More Profitable

Real estate agents work on commission. To make money, they need efficient means of finding leads, managing appointments, and shepherding clients through the purchase process. Productivity is the key to being profitable.

The Right Mindset

Professionals who succeed rely on a range of skills. They are great at closing deals, but they are also knowledgeable about their respective markets and adept at generating leads.

Each name, email address, and like is a potential commission or referral. As such, lead generation is the most profitable use of an agent’s time. Top producers eliminate distractions and center on prospecting for an hour or two each day. Some buy additional time by leveraging technology to handle their administrative tasks and marketing.

How Technology Can Help

When used correctly, technology can free agents to focus on profitable activities, like pounding the pavement for new clients. These days, site builders like WordPress make it easy to embed a booking calendar on a contact page in a pre-written blog, social media posts can be published according to a schedule, and a quality CRM can automatically capture leads from listing sites, chats, and emails.

Unfortunately, these capabilities are not always provided by brokerages. According to a recent study by NAR, the majority of respondents were not completely satisfied with the technology provided by their broker. Some wanted predictive analytics, while others wanted tools for CRM. 25% wanted transaction management software.

A Profitable Partnership with Propy

There is a reason for the dissatisfaction. Real estate transactions involve a pile of paperwork and require coordination with other professionals. These factors can be a drain on productivity.

Propy addresses the issue with its Transaction Platform. This all-in-one solution enables clients to sign their documents virtually using DocuSign technology. Records are then timestamped and committed to the blockchain, where they are securely stored yet available to all interested parties. The platform also offers smart contracts, which are faster, more reliable, and less expensive than attorneys and banks.

Propy promises less time wasted on red tape and extra time for networking, guest posting, and attending open houses. For many agents, it may mean the difference between being profitable and just scraping by.

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