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How to Punish a Bad Landlord in a Nice and Intelligent Manner

How to punish a bad landlord in a nice and intelligent manner

It is the nature of humans to retaliate or to lash out when they feel judged, cornered, irritated, or enraged. However, a civilized and educated way to respond is to not sink to the same level as the opponent. There are many instances in which the landlord and/or tenant might feel like they have the short end of the stick. Therefore, conflicts might arise. However, there are ways to deal with rude or bad landlord behavior. Information technology and social media are the right tools to use against landlords who repeat shady dealings with their tenants. These tools help the tenant and protect other people who are looking to rent properties from these landlords. The following are the most effective apps and tools that can help tenants find out more about perspective rentals and their landlords.

Landlord Background Information: Who Owns What

Who Owns What is a website that allows tenants to view comprehensive information that has been collected about the building’s landlord. This tool also lists all of the other buildings owned by the same proprietor. Additionally, the tool provides information on the building profile and property tax bills.

Utilities: Heatseek

Heatseek provides tenants with the ability to create a log of the temperature settings of their rentals. This app ensures that the heaters in the building are working faultlessly. Any irregularities in the building temperature can be recorded and reported to the authorities as a violation of the tenant’s right to have safe living conditions.

Building Status: Displacement Alert Project

Urgent displacements of buildings wreak havoc in the lives of the buildings’ tenants. The Displacement Alert Project is the website that has the latest information about residential buildings that are at risk for displacement. The website provides a detailed account of buildings that are due to be displaced. It also provides information on how soon are these buildings are due to be displaced. Above all, the site offers a forum for members to organize and resist against displacement for next potentially targeted buildings.

There are intelligent ways to punish rude or bad landlord behavior. These ways involve using the tech of the modern age.

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