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How to Sell Your House During the Holidays

How to Sell Your House During the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time during the year, with many distractions for your potential buyers and you. While homes do sell during the holiday season, if you are on the seller’s end, it can be a significant challenge. Fortunately, there are proven methods to increase your chances of success during December and January. Put the following into practice, and your property will likely be off the market when springtime comes.

Look for Motivated Buyers

It helps to shop around for your buyers. In modern real estate platforms, it is sometimes possible to identify a person who is selling his or her home and looking for another one at the same time. You can find the same type of buyer on Facebook groups and other forums. These individuals will be motivated to act quickly. When meeting with potential buyers, try to understand their motivations and timetables. Then, enthusiastically (and gracefully) offer to cooperate with them for their unique situations.

Price It Properly

Pricing well during the holidays is paramount for effective sales. We all know about price pressures during the holidays. Gift-giving, the promise of tax payments, and the occasional seasonal downtime at the workplace all mean that homebuyers are especially reluctant to overpay for a house during the holidays. Take an honest look at the price that the property can command, and lead with this right out of the gate.

Use Curb Appeal

With excellent curb appeal, make your home’s first impression the best one possible. Whether well-decorated for the holidays or not, your house should be at its most attractive during the holiday sales period. When your property looks its best, prospective buyers will imagine themselves inhabiting it, and this will make them want to make an offer quickly.

If you manage to find a buyer during the holidays, close the sale using Propy’s Transaction Platform. Propy cuts real estate transaction times down from days to hours, all with automation and industry-leading security. Whether you sell your house this holiday season or not, happy holidays from Propy.

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