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Introducing MetaAgents X Shredders!

The First NFT Avatars for True Crypto and Real Estate Fans


Propy is thrilled to share information on our limited collection of MetaAgents X Shredders! The drop is just a few days away, and we are excited about the launch! Are you ready to color your crypto wallet with an exclusive avatar designed especially for tech and Web3-smart real estate agents, brokers, investors, and Propy fans?

Propy’s first-ever NFT Avatar Collection is dropping on Tuesday, September 27th at 10 AM. The drop will be hosted on, so be sure to check back at that time or sign up for the waitlist at the link below. The Genesis Collection features only 1000 NFT Avatars, and over 6000 people have already signed up. The MetaAgents x Shredders will be minted with PRO, starting at 500 PRO.

Want a Reminder? Sign up for the Waitlist

Add these cool NFTs to your cherished collection or use it as your social profile to stand out and show yourself as tech-savvy in the new digital world. If you love both crypto and real estate, these avatar characters are right for you! With real estate and other leading industries becoming more and more crypto-friendly, joining our community (you become a member with the purchase of MetaAgents x Shredders) you expand your expertise, the pool of potential clients, and your network of peers.

Our mission is to revolutionize real estate transactions with blockchain technology, spread knowledge, and lead agents and their clients to an exploration of new realities. Meta Agent x Shredders were conceived by noted artist Dan Weinstein in the spirit of resistance and shredding conventions.

“These characters are THE RESISTANCE – shredding through the Metaverse, re-inventing the New Future. The meta world created by the agents of change – fair, honest, and empowering.”

— Dan Weinstein, MetaAgents x Shredders creator and artist

At Propy, we do just that! Breaking barriers between the real estate of today and tomorrow, between real and virtual worlds.

Do you like surprises? There are more to come!

Your NFT Avatar is revealed only after purchase. You could be the owner of a super rare and funky Avatar character that is destined to go to Mars and put the first-ever NFT footprint on the orange planet, a colorful reggae singer, or even a blue-green heavy metal musician.

In addition to their cool design, the MetaAgents x Shredders come with unique utilities. These collectibles unlock:

  • • Access to selected events and courses like our Propy’s Meta Agent Course.
  • • Entry into DAO membership to govern the project and vote on how its Treasury is spent.
  • • A General Admission Ticket to our Web3 & Real Estate Summit in Miami on October 27/28. Top speakers are Bill Barhydt (CEO, Abra), Tony Giordano (Founder/ President, Giordano Industries), Melissa Medina (CEO, Emerge Americas), Nina Fabbri (Director of BHHS/Propyverse), and more to be announced…
  • • Secret – will be announced pretty soon.
  • • Secret – will be announced pretty soon.

Our CEO Natalia Karayaneva believes these unique and brave characters fit Propy’s vision:

“NFTs are a great way to enter the crypto/ blockchain/metaverse ecosystem. NFTs have to be purchased on a marketplace in cryptocurrency with a crypto wallet, so it’s a great learning tool for agents and other real estate professionals.”

The advisers on the project are real estate and Web3 influencers, and industry forward-thinkers like top Real Estate coach Tom Ferry, Tony Giordano, Alvaro Nunez, Zach Aarons, and Tony Edward, among others.

Check out our MetaAgents x Shredders collection! We would like to invite you to join us and play with us!

How to buy

1. Download MetaMask app.

2. Make sure you have ETH (~0.05) and 500 PRO in your wallet ready.

3. Connect your MetaMask wallet and be ready to buy your Avatar.

4. Go to at 10 am PT for the start of the sale.

Set your timer: September 27th, 10 AM PT.

Fingers crossed!

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