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3 Interesting Facts About James Corden’s House

3 Interesting Facts About James Corden’s House

James Corden may still be new to the United States, but his stint as host of the Late, Late Show has been a hit. Corden’s skill as host, singer, comedian, and all-around dynamic TV personality have made the UK-born star a fixture in American media. And as of Christmas 2017, Corden has been a stakeholder in American real estate with a Los Angeles mansion shared with wife Julia Carey and their 3 young children. Let’s take a look at what makes Corden’s home into an estate befitting a star.

The Basics of the Property

The Los Angeles home is a massive 8,600+ square feet, sitting on a not insubstantial 20,000 sf lot. Sharing the lot are a barbecue, lawns, a swimming pool, a fire pit, and a spa. Inside, the Cordens have 5 bedrooms and an impressive number of 8 full bathrooms. Clearly, this is a house for living and entertaining as 8 bathrooms – more than a family of 5 could hope to use all at once, no matter their best efforts.

Entertaining Indeed

James Corden is a born entertainer, and the further we look into his house, the more evidence regarding this claim we have. James’ house is designed for fun gatherings of large groups of people.

The living room is large, with big windows that illuminate a very comfortable space. The family room is a bit more formal, with a grand piano and pristine upholstery. This area borders the chef’s kitchen, where amazing meals and snacks are prepared for family and friends (Adele, Miley Cyrus, and Will Smith have all been over for dinner here, at least once).

The Best Basement

Like many Americans, James Corden loves a good basement, though his Snooker table quickly reminds us that he comes from the UK. A sprawling media area and home gym are also found below the foundation line, along with two bars and plenty of leather chairs to sprawl out in after a hard day.

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