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Top 3 Craziest Stories from Real Estate Agents

Top 3 Craziest Stories from Real Estate Agents

Trading in homes is a very personal profession. The realtors are always on the go, with a huge number of home visits and displays for buyers and sellers. Additionally, with all of these interactions, the realtors undoubtedly run into crazy and entertaining incidents. Almost everyone has a tale or two to share. Below are some interesting stories from real estate agents.

Finding 89-Year-Old BFF

Stories from real estate agents can be very touching. Sandi is a realtor based in Nevada who met her 89-year-old best friend when she helped her sell her home. Sandi went with her husband to one of his sites. Nora was living next door, and she met Sandi standing outside by her trailer. The two new acquaintances started talking. Nora hired Sandi to sell her home, as she was thinking of relocating to Carmi, IL. Over the course of the period that it took for Nora’s house to sell, Sandi and Nora became good friends. Even more, Sandi traveled with Nora to Carmi to help her settle there.

Embarrassing Autocorrect Mishap

An autocorrect mistake in a phone message can be extremely embarrassing. Stories from real estate agents can be prime examples of this awkward situation. In one case, a real estate agent sent a message to one of her clients named Reena, asking to show the house that afternoon. Reena typed in a quick reply, saying that the house was ready. The autocorrected message stated: “That’s fine with us! I already cleaned and pooped this morning.” Fortunately, Reena quickly caught onto her autocorrect embarrassing mistake and said that she meant ‘mopped.’ Of course, this was followed by an essential ‘I am so embarrassed’ message.

The Birthday Suit Guy

Last but not least, Agent Suzie had indicated a scheduled time for a showing; during this time, the seller was going to be away from the house. However, as Agent Suzie and the buyers were coming in the house, Agent Suzie heard shuffling in the bedroom. Apparently, the seller had overslept. So, Agent Suzie yelled, “Realtor!” The seller ran right back into the bedroom, but Agent Suzie and the buyers still saw a glimpse of the seller in his birthday suit, wearing only his slippers.

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