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3 Interesting Facts About Jimmy Kimmel’s House

3 Interesting Facts About Jimmy Kimmel House

The Hollywood Knolls home sold by Jimmy Kimmel in 2014 was a gorgeous masterpiece. The talk show host bought the house for $925,000 in 2002 and parted with it for over $2 million twelve years later. While we do not know the exact market value of the property today, we still know a great deal about the home’s specs.

Let us take a look at what this impressive house has to offer. Maybe it will motivate you to develop skill at deal-finding on the level of Jimmy Kimmel.

The House Basics

The former Kimmel property was built in the 1940s. Though the exterior looks much the same as it did during World War 2, the landscaping and interior have been greatly renovated to fit modern living standards, much like the other impressive homes in the area. Like several neighbors, the Kimmel property has an entryway that crosses a dramatic water element – a tiny moat for the rich and famous.

The Kimmel house boasts five bedrooms (including one that was converted to a sound studio and five bathrooms). The main kitchen features two ovens, a soda dispenser, dining for 12, a Wolf cooktop, and a wine cooler. There is also a dessert refrigerator elsewhere on the property. Altogether, these features point to a Kimmel family that did their own cooking and laundry.

Unique Features

The home still bears signs of the man who purchased it. Most prominent is the large recording studio, which is perfect for interviews and voice acting jobs. Several other regions of the house are sound-proofed to accommodate these audio needs. Also noteworthy are the large outdoor barbecue area and the luxurious bathroom fittings that still look up-to-the-minute, even years after their initial installation.

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