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Key Decor Items Every Home Needs

Sure, you probably know the basics that make every room in a home complete. But besides a sofa, a bed, and a dining table, what else are you considering? To help inspire you, here is a handy list of must-have decor items that every home needs.

Essential Decor Items Every Home Needs: Entryway

It only takes a few minutes to create a lasting impression, and your entryway might be the most important area in your home when it comes to impressing new guests. Here are some simple things that you can do to get your entryway looking its best.

  • Matte a fresh coat of paint on the front door: As doors are often beaten by various weather conditions, adding a fresh coat of paint or a refinishing will keep it looking like new.
  • A slim console table: A sleek console will make for a great spot to quickly put down what’s in hand.
  • A sleek catch-all tray: Keep organized and use a stylish tray to house keys, wallets, and mail in one convenient spot.
  • An umbrella well: Avoid puddles on the floor, with a chic umbrella well.
  • Coat hook: Put your coats away with ease, with practical hooks that will also be useful when guests come.
  • A mirror: Double-check how you look each day, with a handy and stylish mirror that will also illuminate the area.

This list is only a primer to get you started. Add as much flair to your entryway as you desire. Ensure that the flow continues into the rest of the home, so the appearance is natural and not choppy.

Essential Decor Items Every Home Needs: Living Room

For many consumers, this is likely the most commonly used room when entertaining guests. Here are several easy to implement ideas to decorate your living room.

  • A foundational rug: Start with the flooring, as it can easily help to define a room and tie everything together.
  • Decorative embellishments: As living rooms often tend to be the most decorated rooms in a home, do collect and display intriguing finds to add personality and focal points throughout the room.
  • Room-defining art: Bring your living room to life with conversation-starting art that will delight for years to come.
  • Layered lighting: Instead of relying on standard overhead lighting, go for a range of light sources like table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and even candles, all installed at various heights for an intimate and relaxing feel.
  • A mirror: A mirror will make your living room feel as large and spacious as possible; plus, they are easy and affordable to source.
  • High-shine surfaces: Use high-shine extras and glossy reflective finishes to make your living room feel more glamorous.

Creating an informal yet beautifully decorated living room is essential when looking to create a stunning home.

Essential Decor Items Every Home Needs: Dining Room

Though they are typically not used that often (exceptions are holidays and family gatherings), there is no reason that this room should not also get some TLC. Follow these tips and let the beauty of your well-planned dining room speak for itself.

  • A china cabinet/buffet: Perfect for serving grand dinners, a sturdy buffet is also great for storing dinnerware that you do not use on a regular basis.
  • Extra seating: In any room in your home, extra seating will always come in handy and will keep you better prepared for large get-togethers.
  • A mirror: You just cannot go wrong with mirrors in any/every room. A stylish mirror will punctuate your dining room while catching and reflecting light and adding a regal touch.
  • A substantial light fixture: Make a statement with a room-defining light fixture that’ll leave everyone in awe.

Other options include a fresh coat of paint, decorative or seasonal dinnerware/placemats, and even fresh or fake flowers to add a splash of color to this space. Keep it light and airy, and you cannot go wrong.

Essential Decor Items Every Home Needs: Kitchen

Kitchens are usually the hardest-working and most used rooms in homes. That is all the more reason to ensure that yours is complete with inspiring design elements. Try these smart kitchen improvements to get the most out of this living space.

  • Up to date appliances: Because nothing can make a kitchen feel as outdated as old appliances can, make sure that yours are in sound and stylish condition. When possible, make sure that they are also energy-efficient.
  • As much storage as possible: Storage in any room is vital, but in a kitchen, it’s mandatory, as it will help to keep the space clean and organized.
  • Sturdy and easy to clean furnishings: Since kitchens get a lot of everyday wear and tear, make sure that your surfaces and upholstery are durable and easy to clean.
  • Playful and bold elements: As kitchens are less formal, have fun with cheerful decorative elements and let your personality shine. Be as creative as you dare to be.
  • Ample natural light: Imagine how much more difficult it could be to cook up a storm in a dark space. So, make sure that your kitchen is bright and light-filled.
  • Double-duty pieces: Keep functionality and practicality in mind for everything that you consider bringing into your kitchen.

This room is the hub of activity, both personal and when you entertain. So, making sure that the decor fits your theme will go a long way in ensuring that the aesthetics are pleasing. As always, have fun with your decor choices.

Essential Decor Items Every Home Needs: Bedroom

Since you should consider your bedroom a private oasis to relax in at the end of a long day, and since the bedroom is often overlooked decor-wise, treat yourself to a stylized bedroom without breaking the bank. Here are several tips on how to do just that.

  • Extra storage: Since fast-fashion continues to dominate and wreak havoc on closets across the world, the more storage solutions you have, the easier of a time you will have tidying up and organizing everything.
  • Floating shelves: Floating shelves are a clever way of using otherwise dead wall space in your bedroom for arranging decor and necessities.
  • A reading nook: Create an intimate zone with something as simple and effective as a comfortable chair that is propped with pillows and throws for added comfort.
  • A valet: Another tool for keeping tidy on a daily basis, a handsome valet will also help you prep for what’s ahead tomorrow.
  • Extra linens: Since nothing beats the feeling of slipping into fresh sheets and bed linens, do bring in as many new linens as you can.
  • A full-length mirror: Not only will an oversized mirror help you feel confident about your look, but it will also make your bedroom appear larger and brighter than it really is.
  • Side tables: Perfect for housing books and an alarm clock, side tables are a must in any bedroom. However, if you do not have the floor space for one, consider a floating shelf as a stylish alternative.

Of course, you can change out window treatments, lighting, flooring (or add a rug), wall art, and a host of other features to make your bedroom outstanding. The best part… you get to decide what, how, and where!

Essential Decor Items Every Home Needs: Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, they are usually straightforward and practical spaces that are small in scale. However, that does not mean that they cannot benefit from beautiful decor. After all, how inspiring is it to get ready for the day ahead in a dull and lifeless space? Here are several key bathroom upgrades that you can make to make this space look stunning.

  • A major mirror: It should go without saying that a mirror is a requisite when it comes to a bathroom. It is even better if you source a unique and oversized one to work as a dynamic decor feature in your bathroom.
  • Storage units: Because there are never enough spots to stow necessities, it is a must to add as much attractive additional storage units as possible.
  • Decorative art: No matter how small they are, art pieces and sculptural finds will be sure to bring your bathroom to life.
  • A striking rug: Sure, a single-hued rug will do if it’s in a poppy color, but it’s even better if you’re able to bring in a colorful pattern.

Remember, even if the space might be small, there are still options that can turn it from bland to grand. Use your imagination, and get the most out of your bathroom by choosing wise decor options. Other good choices, include heating flooring, sitting space, new lighting, and even painting, can make a huge difference.

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