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Guide to get started with Propy’s offer platform

Learn how to get started with Propy Offers and have them delivered to you and your seller in real-time.

Get Started

Go to My Listings and click on the button to quickly add your listing and get the offer link. You can copy it right away, as it will become active as soon as you click on the Submit button, so you can paste it into your MLS listing.

In order to submit your listing, please fill out the form. The only mandatory fields are the Address, Price, Property Type and Size.

If you’d like to add additional details to the listing, such as photos and a short description, you can do that by expanding the “Additional information and Pictures” section, which is optional.

You can also copy the link from My Listings by clicking on the three dots.

Manage Offers

By clicking Offers On Hold you can pause the offer submission form in case you plan on making changes to the listing. You can keep it on hold for as long as you’d like, but make sure to remove the link if you’ll do it for longer, as people would no longer be able to use it.

My Offers page is where you go to see all of the offers that you have sent and received. You can sort them by date and status and also export them, so you can review them in a spreadsheet format or present them to your client.

Your Profile

This is how a completed agent profile looks. It not only provides you with an easy way to share all of your listings with disclosures, but also set up a personalized agent page to give others more information about you.

To finalize your profile, you need to go to General Settings and fill out the fields. You can also customize the link for your page by changing the string in the Profile URL.

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