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Getting started with Propy’s Transaction Checklist

Manage your checklist, assignments and due dates.


To access the checklist click on this icon on the right side of the screen. You can assign a checklist from the ones that you already have on your account or create a new one.

Once assigned, the checklist allows you to track which documents have been uploaded and assigned, as well as which ones are pending signatures and by whom. Optionally, you can also enter due dates in order to help you track the deal’s documents.

After assigning a checklist, you can edit it and update the property information, as well as add, remove, or rename checklist categories and document names.

The checklist can be accessed by the agent, transaction coordinator, and broker. They can mark which of the documents are required for the deal, who needs to sign them and set a due date.


Documents can be assigned to the checklist either from the ”Assign Documents” button in the checklist or from the deal step.

If you’d like to assign multiple documents to a checklist item, you can drag and drop them on top of it.

This will allow you to create a duplicate item in the checklist and can even carry over the due dates and signers as well.

You can finish the deal without completing all checklist items, however, you will receive a warning asking you to confirm that you’d like to continue without the missing items. You can go back and complete the remaining items at any point during the transaction.

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