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Propy Announces Expanding to New York with first transactions with The Zizzi Team with RE/MAX PLUS and others

Propy, a tech startup aimed at making property purchase transactions easier by bringing agents and consumers together in one unified, secure environment, has announced its first transactions in New York State.

Despite the undoubtedly negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the real estate industry, Propy shows great momentum, and over a dozen real estate transactions have been initiated within New York State during the first month of its release. 

It’s easy to see why. With face to face meetings and document signings off the table for the foreseeable future, Propy’s innovative one-stop platform combines safety with ease of use and allows all documentation relevant to a real estate transaction to be kept in one place visible to consumers, closing attorneys, and agents. Signings can be completed remotely and offer sent in seconds between sellers, agents, and buyers, speeding up the entire process and freeing up agents to get on with more important tasks. Propy is proving to be a great way to keep real estate businesses running more efficiently.

Zizzi Team and Propy journey

Pete Zizzi, the team leader of The Zizzi Team with RE/MAX PLUS, is involved in owner-occupied investment properties and commercial Real estate. Peter has been in the real estate business since 2004, has seen the benefits of Propy for himself. His company has specialized in owner-occupied investment properties since 2004, and the first Propy led transactions by his company are located in and around Rochester, NY. 

Pete spoke to us about how Propy met his needs for a “new back end system to keep everything in line,” and eliminated the need to install multiple systems to manage transactions, removed the stress of filing paperwork, and allowed his agents to focus on the task of closing deals. He also mentioned that they

“…have used the offer management platform on many listings with multiple offer situations, and the dashboard has helped organize and choose the best offer with our clients.”

Propy’s Offer management was used for the team for the first time, as well as the transaction platform with integrated Docusign. This helped Pete Zizzi team with RE/MAX PLUS to set up their own checklists and educate how consumers interact with the platform. Every transaction executed on Propy is recorded on the blockchain, which secures the immutability of all records and documents for each transaction.

Other users of Propy in NY

The unique case with the Zizzi team with RE/MAX PLUS is the collaboration with a closing attorney office, whose team was closing the deals on Propy, helping agents and consumers to stay updated and engaged throughout the process. Kevin Brzezinski, Vice President at Block, Longo, LaMarca & Brzezinski, P.C, have been using Propy to collaborate with the Zizzi team to close the deals, and besides that, used the Propy transaction platform for other deals. This allows their paralegal to stay on top of their tasks and the management to have access to the reports on ongoing transactions.

In addition to the Zizzi team, one of Propy’s first customers in NY has been Luciane Serifovic who is the CEO of a new tech-forward luxury brokerage Luxian International Realty and she’s been using Propy Offers for her listings in Manhattan, she said

“I sold a home in NJ and an apartment in Manhattan completely virtual. From the open house to the showings and closing. The future of a seamless virtual real estate experience is now”.

Through Propy, any real estate business can generate more revenue through efficiency savings that are attractive to agents, transaction coordinators, broker-owners, and auditors. Natalia Karayaneva, CEO of Propy, states that

“We’re thrilled to see how agents are collaborating with closing attorneys via Propy in NY state. Such online collaboration provides transparency for the consumer and speeds up the transaction. It brings more business to both agents and closing attorneys. And such innovation allows broker-owners to attract smart agents.”

Spending less time in closing meetings, sending contracts and offers, and chasing up generic admin tasks around transactions leaves agents with more time to do what they do best – help home buyers and sellers.

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