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Propy Announces NEW Transaction Management Software at a Price of a Cup of Coffee

The Most Affordable Checklists, Audit, Document Management & Storage Solution for Brokerages

Propy, the real estate software company whose mission is to simplify and secure the real estate transaction process by bringing every task into a single platform announces new software release.

During the time of “Shelter in Place”, the company worked hard to introduce a new separate product that used to be a part of the main automated transaction flow. The goal is to cover brokerages’ business needs for their back office, at a very affordable price. In addition to Propy’s Offer Management and Propy’s Consumer Flow software, Propy is releasing a transaction management platform.

The bold move of the company comes as a support of the real estate business sector during the crisis. Propy’s CEO Natalia Karayaneva commented “Automated real estate transactions will become the new industry standard. We built a brand new system for a self-driving transaction; it provides and automates the essentials of transaction management: checklists, audits, document storage & document management”

One of the most tech-savvy and active brokerages in Southern California ACME Real Estate is already enjoying Propy’s solution. The CEO and owner Courtney Poulos said in a recent case study: “We had to make some changes to our processes and find a technical partner that understands our needs and has the ability to address them. Most of the platforms out there are looking at transaction and back-office task management, while the team at Propy envisions the bigger picture and addresses the entire process as a whole.”

Let us take a closer look at how Propy’s new Transaction Management Platform works when it comes to a typical property sale. All major features – Checklist, Document Audit, Document Management & Storage are now available with new pricing as well.

What’s included:

Propy’s Transaction Checklist

Easily pick, manage, and keep track of all documents required for the transaction. Add, remove, or rename checklist categories and document names.

Propy’s Document Management

Organize, manage, and track all documents related to your deals. Assign e-signatures, share, delete, download, rename, and split documents with a click of a button.

Propy’s Document Auditing

Save time on auditing with Propy’s automated system. Transaction Coordinators, Auditors or the initiators of the transaction can easily review and approve all documents related to the transaction.

Propy’s Document Storage

Upload, download and forward all your documents anytime, anywhere with our secure document storage feature. To make it easier, every document uploaded to a deal step will automatically appear in the storage.

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