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Propy Blog Launched Its YouTube Channel

Propy Blog Launched Its YouTube Channel

In addition to our blog, we wanted to add another learning dimension for our community to enjoy. For that reason, Propy is pleased to announce the official Propy YouTube channel. Featuring news reports, interviews, and educational videos, the YouTube channel will help to educate viewers on the subjects of real estate and blockchain technology.

Online Presence with a YouTube channel

With content increasingly moving to a visual direction, Propy thought that it was time to enlarge its online presence with a YouTube channel. Of course, the blog will remain the place for all written content, but we also wanted to offer more visual content. With the right mix of entertainment and education, the Propy YouTube channel aims to attract viewers like real estate professionals and blockchain enthusiasts.

What You Can Expect from the Propy YouTube Channel

There will be a variety of content for you to enjoy on Propy’s YouTube channel. For example, we will create our brand of videos to educate people on real estate, automation, and blockchain technology. We will offer news reports related to these industries, as well as interviews with some special guests.

Propy to Share the Future of Real Estate Through Video

Recently, the Propy Blog hosted an event called “Future of Real Estate.” This video-focused event brought a group of forward-thinking minds together to discuss the evolution of real estate. It was a huge success, as a variety of members shared great ideas. Some of these ideas will show up in our videos. Please stay tuned for more info.

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