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Propy Contest to Determine Top 20 Tech-Savvy Independent Real Estate Brokerages in California

Propy Contest to Determine Top 20 Tech-Savvy Independent Real Estate Brokerages in California

Every day, big real estate brokerages are getting bigger and richer. Technology is only speeding up that process. Using technologies like AI, big data, and blockchain, massive real estate companies are finding ways to grow more efficiently. So, how do independent brokerages compete? Can indie firms leverage technology to make names for themselves? Propy wanted to find out the answer, so it is launching a contest to determine the “Top 20” tech-driven independent real estate brokerages.

Which 20 Independent Brokerages in California Are the Best at Leveraging Technology?

Propy created a contest to see which 20 independent real estate brokerages in California can leverage technology in the best way to compete with corporate giants. Because this is the first contest of its kind, Propy will start in California. California is the leader in technology, and it will serve as an excellent playing field for this sort of competition. Eventually, Propy will hold a nationwide competition.

The “Top 20” winners will be published on Propy Blog, which is an official real estate contributor to Apple News.

Terms and Deadlines

The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2019.
The results will be announced in July of 2019.

The winners will be determined through a special algorithm and a mix of information that the contest participants provide.

What Are the Benefits of Winning the “Top 20” Contest?

In addition to the joy of winning the contest, benefits include the following:

  • Knowing where your brokerage stands in relation to competing brokerages
  • Getting featured on Propy Blog
  • Receiving a special “Top 20” badge and the embed code for the badge

If you represent an independent brokerage in California and want to register for a chance to win the “Top 20” contest, apply here.

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