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Propy FAQ: The Most Asked Questions

Propy FAQ

Do you have questions about what Propy is and how it has carved out a niche for itself in the use of blockchain for real estate? Well, here are some answers that should give you deeper insight into Propy and its operations.

FAQ: What Is a Crowdsale?

A crowdsale is crowdfunding in the world of blockchain technology. In this type of funding, many people invest into a project, and the relevant rewards are released using smart contracts on the blockchain.

FAQ: What Is the Crowdsale Structure?

For the crowdsale structure, the total PRO available is 100M, and the PRO available for sale is 35M. Each PRO is worth $1.00. The total funding amount is $35M. Some crowdsale rules include:

  • There is no minimum amount.
  • You can withdraw your money after the crowdsale ends.
  • The tokens you buy will be credited to your wallet right away.

FAQ: Does This Crowdsale Require Any Registration?

Register with OrderBook to become eligible. This is a safe exchange and it is managed by AmbiSafe, one of the partners of Propy.

FAQ: Which Mobile Wallets Support This Token?

All mobile wallets that support ERC20 support this token.

FAQ: When Will the Tokens Be Credited to My Account?

The tokens will be credited in real time.

FAQ: Do I Get Voting Rights?

Token holders are not entitled to vote.

FAQ: Where Will Propy Use This Money?

Propy’s dApp enables investors from China, Canada, the Middle East, and Latin America to validate real estate transactions. The smart contracts are compatible with U.S. legislation.

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