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Propy Joined the U.S. National Association of Realtors Through REACH Program

Propy Partners with National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Receives Strategic Investment

We are happy to announce that Propy has officially joined the National Association of Realtors’ Network of 1.3 million real estate professionals through NAR’s REACH program. The positive change brings vast strategic benefits and increases our influence in the real estate and blockchain communities.

National Association of Realtors (NAR) REACH Program

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) provides the code of ethics that real estate professionals are to follow. As America’s largest trade association, NAR sets the standards that need to be met by real estate professionals. Thus, being a part of the National Association through the REACH program and having the opportunity to build new tech standards for the real estate world is an honor.

REACH is the top real estate program that helps unique and promising new tech companies scale. The change will give us the ability to shift our reach from hundreds of users who actively close deals on Propy to thousands of members and eventually millions of like-minded real estate professionals.

New Standards in Real Estate

Propy is the first company that began the practical implementation of blockchain technology in real estate. From the start, our mission was to offer the global real estate community a new unique way of property buying and selling that is entirely online and 100% secure. Propy offers three unique components that are desperately needed in the current real estate space:

  1. A blockchain title registry for counties to help the government store records and prevent properties from being lost or stolen.
  2. Tools for online macro payments and online ownership transfers, preventing buyers and sellers from potential wire fraud (a $1B problem).
  3. An adaptive international transaction platform.

Through the REACH program, we expect that our mission will spread to the global community of realtors. Propy will be able to join 1.3 million realtors and tech executives in the fight for innovation, which can help us shift from the infancy stage to the next level.

REACH is backed by Second Century Ventures, which has backed DocuSign, zipLogix, and Notarize, among other popular brands.

Significant Changes for Propy and the Entire Real Estate Community

At its core, Propy represents real estate innovation. Since its first day of existence, the company has placed its pillars on the improvement of the deed registration process, the reduction of real estate fees, and the elimination of property loss cases (“dead capital”). We are extremely happy to acknowledge the new chapter in our journey that will ensure our movement in the right direction.

With REACH and NAR, we at Propy have increased our capability to spread awareness to our mission and bring innovation to homeowners, realtors, and other real estate professionals. With access to mentorship and comprehensive support, we now look to scale at an even higher speed. We expect that this new positive change will bring about more achievements and benefits for our community members.

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