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Pros and Cons of Living on an Island in the Middle of Nowhere

Pros and Cons of Living on an Island in the Middle of Nowhere

Beachfront property on a remote island away from the hustle and bustle of society is a dream for many. At first, sipping cocktails and watching sunsets every day can seem like paradise, but is there a darker side that we are all missing? Before you put down a deposit on the island home of your dreams, let us first examine the pros and cons of such a venture.

The Pros of Living on an Island in the Middle of Nowhere

Island time: Many adventure seekers coming back from their island travels bring back stories of something called “island time.” For whatever reason, the pace of life seems to be slower on an island. One could say the same for all rural locations. This relaxed way of going about schedules can be a very nice change of speed from that of the busy city rat race.

Close access to undisturbed nature: Since most island communities are rather undeveloped compared to their mainland counterparts, finding and appreciating raw nature is far easier to do in islands than in cities. Whether it is discovering a quiet beach to sit on or trekking through the island mountains, island life and nature often go hand in hand.

Experiencing a new culture and way of living: This might not be as obvious if you move to an island in your own country, but if you choose an island far away from home, you will instantly realize that there is a cultural difference. “Culture shock” might seem frightening at first, but with an open mind, you can learn from a new way of life and come to appreciate new ideas that you might never have thought of back home.

The Cons of Living on an Island in the Middle of Nowhere

Lack of high-quality medicine: Even the best hospitals on an island are incomparable to those in a major city. If you are prone to health issues, island living is not for you.

Poor infrastructure: Especially in developing countries, do not expect the luxury of a functioning government. Poor roads, power outages, slow internet, dirty water, non-existent waste management, and corrupt politics all come with the territory of many island communities.

Limited products available: There are no Wal-Marts or supermarkets here. Either you live to learn with less on an island, or you are in for a hard time.

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