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Real Estate Dream: What Can You Buy with $240 Million?

Real estate dream: What can you buy with $240 million?

What is your real estate dream? Having real estate is the pinnacle of achievement. If you have an expensive property, you are rich by any standards. It will always be there, and even if a natural disaster strikes, you can collect the insurance. Moreover, for people with money, the best way to keep it is to invest in real estate. Here are some of the things that you can buy with $240 million if you want to make your real estate dream come true.

Real Estate Dream – New York Penthouse

Billionaire Ken Griffin recently bought one of the most expensive houses in the USA, for $238 million. Of course, the New York penthouse has a view of Central Park. The apartment covers 4 floors of 220 Central Park South. Additionally, it comes with 16 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and 5 balconies. Griffin is expected to spend millions more on decorating the impressive New York apartment. He has properties in other high-end locations as well, such as Florida and London.

Admiralty Arch Apartment, London

The asking price for this real estate dream is $200 million. This is an iconic apartment located in the heart of London. It is a traditional piece of real estate with the signature of prestige. Arch Apartment also comes with a 24/7 concierge service, as well as security. Additional benefits include private valet service, a private entrance, and lifetime membership to the private members club.

Gemini, Florida

While penthouses in London and Manhattan can be great investments, many prefer some sun and sand. The asking price of Gemini in Florida is $195 million. The property is a real estate dream of 16 acres, just south of Palm Beach. It comes with 12 bedrooms and a massive pool. It also comes with a three-story guest house, a manager’s home, and two cottages. This real estate dream also comes with a 1,200-foot private beach, a botanical garden, a butterfly garden, and a sports complex. Additionally, it features two golf practice areas, a tree house, and a large sample model train.

$240 million can buy you a lot of property. However, most of us can only dream of it right now.

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