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Saving time while adding a secure platform to streamline offers – Propy Offer Management

Propy Offer Management

Reduce emails and save time

Agents today frequently spend more time combing through emails than meeting with clients. Spending hours sorting, opening, and responding to emails from clients, buyers, and sellers, plus many non transaction related emails such as compliance and training, makes agents less efficient. Their time is better spent connecting with clients or getting more listings signed instead of sifting through a mountain of unread emails.

Propy Offer Management

Control your priorities and never miss an important offer

Wading through emails, even for the most efficient agent, can be frustrating at the least, but losing track of an offer is worse. The top priority email: the “Here’s a new offer!” email may be buried under the bulk of other non essential work related emails. Some offers are also time sensitive, as in a response is required in 24 hours or less, which means slow to respond agents lose business and risk disappointing their clients.

Lower risk and improve client data security

On top of the time waste and sheer volume, emails are a high security risk. Any time a Buyer’s agent submits an offer via email, they are risking their buyer’s privacy and personal information, while still hoping it arrives safely in the listing agent’s inbox.

Sending offers via email leaves the files and data wide open to hackers. It is again vulnerable when listing agents use email to accept and reply to offers, adding their sellers’ sensitive information such as dates, times, addresses, signatures, phone numbers, loan numbers, bank routing numbers, disclosures and even the exact closing date of a deal, through an unsecured funnel.

For computer hackers, any email inbox is an open gold mine into private information, easily copied and saved. Data thieves run a simple program to look for keywords straight from your emails. Once they have a lead, the hackers can set up a simple diversion using a fake account to spoof an agent’s real email, and perhaps redirect a wire transfer to a different routing number. This is a very common scenario and wire fraud is costing Americans over $2 billion dollars in the past several years.

Give transparency to your clients, stand out amongst others

The buyers and sellers will always opt-in for a more transparent process. Plus, providing leading technology for your clients reinforces your commitment to your team, as well as your clients. When you provide your clients with a simple interface and better ways to do business, this becomes part of your business culture. When your business processes are in order, this shows you are highly organized, effective, and know how to conduct business in the information age.

Sellers want to see how much interest their home receives, as a reflection on how hard the listing agent is working on marketing their home. Offering new data on how many agents have downloaded disclosures offers a great marketing point to share with sellers, as a gauge of interest in the home. It is also a key marketing tool to show your sellers how you are ahead of other agents.

In addition, all clients want to be treated like a VIP, even when agents are busy with other clients. The instant update feature when a new offer comes in makes sellers feel they are your only client, while saving the agent the hassle of digging through emails, writing up responses, and composing lengthy emails back and forth. With multiple listings and different transactions in motion, the Propy system reduces clutter and significantly streamlines the offer process.

The Propy platform allows agents and sellers to easily compare offers using the summary feature that comes with each offer. In cases where multiple offers come in, this feature is vital to help owners compare on a side by side basis, each offer for the best deal. Top agents can use this summary data to effectively push through multiple offer situations for highest and best counter offers.

An offer management system like Propy ensures agents will save time and run a smoother transaction while offering better security and faster responses to their clients when it matters the most. The Propy system works as a digital assistant to prevent data breaches, improve response time and reduce email. Not only will the clients see the immediate value in the offer management system, your agents will never lose a deal again to a mountain of email, have the highest security for their data, and use the tools to re-market and grow their business. It’s a win-win for agents, brokerages and clients.

Broker Management for agent and teams

The easy to use Propy offer management system eliminates security risks, improves agent performance and saves time. Here’s what Propy can do for your office and agents:


Propy’s offer management system eliminates the risk of emails by using a secure platform to have buyer’s agents upload offers. If an agent can attach a PDF to an email, they can easily and safely use the Propy offer management system. Instead of submitting an offer to an unsecure email address, the buyer’s agent simply logs onto the offer management system and inputs the files. Each transaction will have a unique URL to direct the buyer’s agent to a portal to upload the offer to submit it quickly and securely.


Most agents are not aware of the risk and liability they face due to computer hack until it happens. For most agents, it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Propy’s secure management, helps keep all this data secure and prevent the risk and liability of a lawsuit due to hacking.


An easy to use portal, each transaction sets up the agent for 100% submission success, with a required format of standard PDF files, and a simple place to upload an offer, the disclosures and a pre approval letter before allowing the file to be submitted as “complete” to the listing agent and sellers. No more struggling with this jpeg, word doc or PDF format. Propy simply works the way agents need it to work and takes the guesswork and complexity out of running your business.


No more lost offers hidden under a bulk of emails. Offers take top priority over hiding in an agent’s inbox with hundreds of other messages. Listing agents and sellers are both notified simultaneously when an offer arrives, saving hours of time. Agents know when it rains, it pours. When there is a flood of emails and communications, important emails can be missed. Propy ensures you stay afloat in the sea of information and make the most out of every transaction.


Once the offer and pre-approval letter is submitted on the Propy system, the listing agent and sellers are notified and given a summary of the new offer, highlighting the key points. The summary feature also helps in a multiple offer situation, to streamline the process of notifying buyers to offer highest and best quickly and easily, making it more likely for the sellers to secure a top offer. The top agents know the more time spent on clients, the more successful they become. Propy helps agents do what they do best, working with clients, instead of being bogged down with administrative work.


Propy tracks all of the property disclosure downloads for each individual listing by agent name and when they download them. The sellers can see exactly how many agents are interested in the listing and count the number of downloads for disclosures, a unique way to gauge interest in a listing. In this business knowledge is power, that Propy provides real-time metrics in the hands of agents. In the era of information, knowing more than other agents will often mean the difference in winning the day or losing a client. Propy’s metrics keeps agents in the know and provides key data to help agents make more strategic decisions.


Savvy agents can re-connect with the buyer agents who have downloaded the disclosures to update them on price changes. This is an excellent re-marketing benefit from using the Propy system. It’s also a great way to enhance your marketing strength to your clients. Getting transactions done faster is great but using the technology to promote a better client experience is even better. In real estate, it’s always about finding your next client. Propy helps expert agents market more effectively and keep the pipeline going.


Broker master dashboard – for offices with multiple agents or teams, the master dashboard will track all the agents with an easy way to monitor how many offers are coming in, how many have been rejected, how many are under contract, how many have multiple offers, and more. Leaders know managing highly effective teams is no small feat. The master dashboard provides the metrics needed to stay on top of your teams’ performance. It offers a clear view of how each team member is performing beyond just a benchmark number of closings. Discover who converts more transactions quickly and who may need more support. Using the metric with Propy can improve your team building needs and transaction completions.

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