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The Most Innovative Companies that made it to T3 Sixty “Tech 500”

One of the industry’s leading consultancy and research company T3 Sixty launched last month a 25-page study categorizing top real estate tech firms in the field. The goal of the free report is to help agents and brokers navigate through the large and ever-growing pool of providers of technologies.

“We’ve been working on this research for over six months,” T3 Sixty CEO Stefan Swanepoel claimed. “The goal was to help industry executives, brokers and agents make better, more efficient decisions about the technology they evaluate and choose.”

The study divides over 550 vendors of real estate technology firms into seven sections, with several categories in each of those sections. T3 Sixty evaluated more than 2,000 companies for the report. They also selected market leaders in each respective category.

Given that we are in the middle of the crisis, we are sure that many of you have had to turn to fully remote teams and digital transactions. So we’ve made a shortlist of the tech companies T3 Sixty 500 that can help you succeed during those uncertain times. Professionals in real estate, at the moment you are probably searching for the best options to help you adjust to the market.

TOP 4 Tech Companies to Help Close Entirely Online featured by T3 Sixty:


Electronically send and register using property-specific capabilities, such as strikethrough and integration with zip forms Plus. As a chosen and exclusive supplier of eSignatures solutions under the REALTOR Benefits® Plan through the National Association of REALTORS®, DocuSign is dedicated to empowering agents to get the most out of their DocuSign subscription.


The go-to tool for remote closings (yes, we were Featured in T3 Sixty TOP 500 Tech report). Get together in one platform with your team & clients to close the deal remotely. From Offer to Deed recorded and free DocuSign integration, use Propy’s flow without risky email communication. No matter their technical skills, everyone can use our platform with ease.


Notarize offers legal online notarizations. Notarize links consumers and businesses with a 24×7 online notary public so that documents can be signed and notarized from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Enter an address of the property and in seconds Notarize will help you find the best way to close. Both forms of closings are sponsored by Notarize: mortgages, HELOC, Refinance, Cash Offers, iBuyer.

ZipLogix by LoneWolf

There’s no need to maintain a large inventory of stored documents with zipForm ® or spend time digging through piles of printed forms – you can easily accept forms with just a few clicks. ZipForm ® will help you speed up the process by transferring data between all documents relating to the transaction – simply complete one form and automatically fill the details in all the other forms required to complete the transaction.

Remote Real Estate Closings Simplified

Complete transactions from the comfort of your home.

TOP 7 Companies to Help Sell and Market Listings featured by T3 Sixty Tech Favorites:


Home improvement projects can be traumatic and frustrating for homeowners and employees. Unreliable contractors who don’t turn up on time, while rushing to finish the job just make it worse. Curbio specializes in-home repairs to pre-sale, and they concentrate on renovations that can maximize the home value while the house is on the market.


Xero is cloud-based accounting software that connects people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, while also helping build a trusted relationship with small business clients through online collaboration, with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, while also helping build a trusted relationship with small business clients through online collaboration. It also provides the ability for invoices to be paid on their platform and also provides client access to real-time account information and business tools from their own Mac, PC, tablet or phone means greater control and better decisions.


Amarki is an automation marketing software that manages real estate marketing platforms. They help their clients build their marketing campaigns by sorting every existing application in a simplified and efficient order, which will provide the best result for every real estate business or individual agent service. Amarki is easily adaptable and customizable for every scale of business and provides a fast, consistent, and controlled marketing reach for every offer.

House Canary

HouseCanary is a Real Estate CMA software that helps real estate agents create comparative market analysis presentations for their clients. Their models are based on sales and transaction data and advanced computer learning to assure their clients of the best home valuation possible. HouseCanary also offers a thorough process of value forecasts helping their clients make educated decisions for investments in real estate. The in-depth and transparent process of market valuation builds products to consistently meet the high standards every client may expect.


Bombbomb is a video communication solution that helps businesses communicate with features such as video emails, tracking analytics, social sharing, and many others. Their software helps their users simplify significantly the work process while maintaining an efficient connection with their clients and teams. Bombbomb also offers a customized plan for every business and offers help and support every step of the way.


Buffer is a social media marketing platform that helps its clients build their brands and enables their businesses to reach meaningful engagements and results on social media. Their products offer different ways of scheduling content and measuring its performance, while also maintaining a more efficient connection with the target audience. Buffer also provides its users with exceptional service and also maintain a stable communication through the whole process.


HomeLight provides people the opportunity to make better decisions during the process of buying or selling their real estate. They provide a data-driven end-to-end platform that summarises the prices and helps connect clients with the most suitable agent or instant offer company from their unparalleled network, which will give the best price for every property. HomeLight takes an innovative approach in the world of real estate that eliminates the unnecessary risks of the transaction process, while also empowering their users to achieve the best outcome of every deal.

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