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Top 12 Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 1)

Top 12 Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 1)

Real estate is a tough industry, and, to a certain extent, all agents must succeed at sales and marketing if they wish to build long-lasting careers. As an effort to provide the most value to our readers, we have assembled 12 of the most helpful pieces of advice given by real estate thinkers around the industry. Below are tips on how to get better at sales as a real estate agent.

1. Do Not “Sell”

Sometimes, the most effective way to sell is to not “sell” at all. Most of us, your clients included, are accustomed to salesmen, sales tactics, and “the hard sell.” People react adversely to these methods as those who employ such methods tend to use them regardless of their clients’ actual needs; as the salesperson’s desire to profit from a sale takes priority, the client may feel pressure to make a deal that does not work to the client’s benefit. With aggressive tactics, the client will either have hard feelings when he or she realizes that he or she has been duped or will pull away from the realtor, ending the relationship. In contrast, the method of informing and serving the client will give you the best results over the long term.

2. Be a Value Creator

In a similar vein, do not merely fulfill the task in front of you. Always find a way to add value to the experience of your clients. Keep your clients surprised (in a pleasant way) about new information, leads, properties, financing options, and more. If you come across as a value-adder, your clients will know that they can rely on you.

3. Be Honest and Hardworking

Do not lie to anyone in your profession. In most cases, you will be caught, even if the person who stumbles upon your lie never confronts you directly. Being untruthful is poisonous to your reputation. Your reputation and brand image are, in the end, the greatest assets of your career.

We hope that our readers benefit from the tips in this series. Technologies like the Propy Transaction Platform can work wonders at improving client and agent experiences. However, the humans who are at the center of each transaction are the most important factors.

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