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Top 12 Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 4)

Top 12 Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 4)

This article is the last part of our series about top sales practices for real estate agents. (Continued from Part 3)

10. Be a Listener

For a buyer, there is no worse feeling than working with an agent who is not actively listening. Agents are busy people and may find themselves easily distracted and preoccupied when dealing with clients. Sometimes, realtors may skim emails and overlook critical information or answer their phones while driving and miss some of the crucial discussion points. Whatever the case, if you are an agent, make it a priority to listen to what your clients are saying. Your clients will appreciate it.

11. Remove Barriers and Focus on the Goal

As an agent, you may be extremely familiar with the real estate industry. However, many clients are terrified of the homebuying process and see buying a home as a massive hurdle. It is important that you work to make these hurdles seem simple by providing clear, step-by-step instructions. Do not let your client be overwhelmed by the many items on the homebuying checklist. Focus on the goal and guide your client to succeed with grace.

12. Achieve “Constant Contact”

If you are an agent, do not let your client wonder where you are or when you will respond. Always make efforts to be prompt and available. Utilize marketing methods such as billboards, social media, and print ads to constantly be “on the scene” in your area. Make sure that your face and contact information are recognizable and accessible. When a new client needs an agent, make sure that you come to mind.

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