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Top 12 Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 2)

Top 12 Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 2)

In our ongoing series about real estate best practices, we will take a look at the next few great sales tips from real estate writing around the web. (Continued from Part 1)

4. Always Provide Multiple Options

Work to have an array of good options for each client. This way, no one can say that you tried to steer the client to one single option and kept your interests as the top priority. Instead, you will facilitate a process in which the client can determine the best choice for himself or herself. Agents who have preconceived notions in mind about what is best for their clients often move these individuals toward results that they may ultimately regret. These tactics will result in little more than the end of a relationship.

5. Be Relatable

Agents who behave with friendliness and compassion come across as relatable and approachable. Relatable agents tend to foster long-term relationships, and these relationships allow sales and business goals to be realized. Like so many tips on our list, this tip has to do with putting your client’s interests above your own. This mindset will result in better outcomes for your clients and you.

6. Roll With the Punches

Good real estate agents should be able to deal with challenges and surprises with the same calm confidence that they would have in more familiar scenarios. When you are an agent for a client, the client will only stay with you if he or she has confidence in your capabilities. If you seem to crack under pressure or respond with hostility when an unusual request comes your way, your clients will likely be edging toward the exits. However, if you always remain unperturbed, you will look like a real estate superhero.

Propy offers innovative technology solutions that improve the realtor and client experiences. Of course, technology only goes so far in perfecting this relationship. By emphasizing the human element of your profession, you can build client relationships that last.

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