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Top 3 Customer Service Mistakes in Real Estate

Top 3 Customer Service Mistakes in Real Estate

Real estate agents often make customer service mistakes. As an agent, your missteps in customer relations can cause your clients to go into the arms of other waiting agents. After all, clients have a range of options. Home buyers and sellers often prefer to work with agents whom they like. Mistakes on your part, as an agent, can slow down the progress. Below is a list of common mistakes that real estate agents make.

Being Too Pushy on a Real Estate Deal

As an agent, spotting a great deal might come easily to you. You understand the market, and you do not want your clients to miss out on opportunities. However, in the process, you might make yourself seem too pushy. Buying or selling a home is a major decision. So, when you are dealing with an unsure customer who has lots of demands, patience should be at the top of your list. Instead of sounding so pushy when you pitch those offers, you can try to find out how you can satisfy the client.

Putting in a Lackluster Effort

Putting a lot of work into timely property deals is important. Failing to do the job might say that you do not care about your clients. Lackluster efforts might include: presenting blurry pictures, writing terrible listing descriptions, and failing to update the MLS listing when properties are liable, pending, or under contract.

Taking and Posting Blurry Real Estate Pictures

It is okay to not be a professional photographer. However, it is not an excuse for presenting blurry real estate pictures to clients.

Writing Terrible Listing Descriptions

A listing is a professional document that should not contain errors. Examples of mistakes include bad use of language, poor grammar, misspellings, and typos. Write accurate and clear descriptions, and proofread everything.

Failing to Update the MLS Listing When Properties Are Liable, Pending, or Under Contract

This failure is self-explanatory. If properties are liable, pending, or under contract, update the MLS listing!

Setting the Price Too High

Agreeing to sell the property at an impractical price and being dishonest in the process just to prevent the home from remaining in the market is not professional. If you overpromise something just to land a contract, what happens when you cannot deliver? Of course, you will see a disappointed client. Thus, make sure that you know your client’s budget.

Make sure that you do not make the above common mistakes. Research your clients’ needs. You do not push a property to potential clients just because the property has been sitting in the market for a long time. If so, you might eventually fail to meet your customers’ expectations. So, be aware of your customers’ needs.

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