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Top 3 Most Exciting Cities in the World

Through the international trend toward urbanization, an estimated 55% of the world’s population now lives in urban areas! Furthermore, while urban areas tend to develop active cultures, unique attractions, and rising property values, not all cities are equally successful. Here are the three most exciting cities in the world (by nearly any metric). For homebuyers or investors wishing to buy real estate using Propy’s platform, the below cities could be worthy of consideration.

Most Exciting Cities in the World

Top 1: New York City, New York

New York City tops nearly any list of most exciting cities. As one of America’s oldest cities, NYC has an intoxicating combination of history and vibrant culture. It is also a destination for people all over the world who want to interact with the best and brightest. There is an abundance of activities to do, events to watch, and places to visit. In fact, it would take you over two decades to eat at a different spot in the City once per day! However, anticipate a high cost of living.

Top 2: Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is aswarm with new developments and exciting culture. Whether you love art, live music, or world-class food, Melbourne has more than you could explore in a single lifetime. Moreover, Melbourne has been such a boomtown in recent decades that it is now a living museum for cutting-edge architecture and living standards. With nature incorporated into all levels of this thoughtfully constructed place, it is one of the most exciting cities in which to live or own property.

Top 3: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is an American renaissance town with unique culture and beauty. Even when it is in the headlines for the wrong reasons, Chicago is one of the most exciting cities anywhere in the world. Furthermore, if you love to party, explore, or taste the most remarkable flavors available just about anywhere, Chicago will not disappoint your senses.

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