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Top 3 School Districts in the United States

Top 3 School Districts in the United States

Evaluating school districts involves the consideration of many factors. Academic standing, educator quality, college prep, diversity, even the quality of school lunches – all this and more can make or break a school district. The quality of the school district, and always will be, a primary criterion by which people searching for a home assess an area. As Propy expands into new real estate markets, we are keeping an eye on school districts like the below. These regions could host some of the best real estate opportunities in the United States.

Jericho Union Free School District

When it comes to school districts’ quality, size and resources matter. Jericho Union Free School District of Jericho, NY manages to maintain a 9:1 Student-to-Teacher ratio, one of the best in the States. There are just over 3,000 students in this wealthy district, making this impressive ratio possible. 89% of these are proficient in math and another 85% in reading. Perhaps unsurprisingly, homes sold in this district tend to command prices above $1 million.

Solon City School District

Solon, Ohio is not as wealthy as Jericho, New York, but its students perform even better. 95% of Solon’s 4,500 K-12 students have a strong command of mathematics, and another 92% of reading and writing. The Student-Teacher ratio is 18:1, which is still very good for the United States. Furthermore, Solon City may be considered a bargain for homeowners, who frequently pay less than $300,000 for a house within city limits.

West Lafayette Community School Corporation

West Lafayette, Indiana boasts the best school districts in the entire state. West Lafayette is a Midwestern city that offers a great deal to real estate investors, as stable communities with low home prices are a major draw for renters, new homebuyers, and real estate investors alike. 85% of West Lafayette students are proficient at reading, and 80% at mathematics.

Propy has made its mark in white-hot real estate markets such as California’s Bay Area, but we are also looking for opportunities elsewhere. None of these communities are as well-known as New York and California’s largest cities, but they could be more stable and potentially valuable in the long run for Propy, its users, and investors.

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