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Top 4 Most Stable Countries in the World

We all want stability in life, but what if you cannot control it? What if the country in which you live is fragile? If that is the case, then you will be happy to know that there are several stable countries out with their arms open to prospective real estate buyers. Here are the world’s top four.

Most Stable Countries in the World


Renewable energy, efficient maritime and shipping industries, and advanced agriculture are some of the drivers of the robust Denmark economy. The country is one of the few countries in the world with a positive trade balance resulting from food, oil, and gas exports. Due to economic stability and renowned public service works, Denmark consistently ranks as a country with the happiest people.


Is neutrality the secret to being stable? In Switzerland’s case, it might be. The country does not participate in external conflicts, and its armed forces are only used to maintain order inside the nation and prevent any external attacks. Furthermore, its free-market policy results in minimal regulations. The country has an attractive tax system and well-built education, health, and public sectors.


Coming in as the second most stable country in the world, Norway is famous for its amazing infrastructure and social amenities. With the country’s relatively low crime and freedom of the press to ensure that human rights are not violated, civil unrest in Norway is non-existent. However, as perfect as it sounds, it still cannot beat the next utopia on this list.


The Fund for Peace reports Finland as the safest and most stable country on Earth. There are no indicators of organized crime and very few cases of government corruption in Finland. Also, education is excellent, and healthcare is free.

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