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Top 4 Renovation Trends in 2019

Top 4 Renovation Trends in 2019

When you are selling your house, you want to sell quickly and to get the price that you want. Achieving these objectives is quite possible, with the help of some renovations. By making some changes, you can attract buyers and sell your house in no time. So, how can you do this without hurting your pockets? These top four renovation trends in 2019 can help.

Curb Appeal

One renovation trend that is sure to encourage buyers is an attractive curb appeal. Clean your yard and add some low maintenance plants. Remove overgrown trees that are blocking entranceways or the view of your house. Put fresh paint on the exterior walls with a neutral color to highlight the landscape.

Replace old and broken fixtures. Add new door handles and locks that look good but will ensure the new homeowner’s safety. You can even add a punch of color by painting your front door. If your home has no seating to the front, add a porch. This is a low-cost renovation idea that buyers will love.

Airy and Light Spaces

An open concept is another renovation trend that makes your house more inviting. That is because it improves airflow throughout the house and encourages conversation. It also allows moms to keep an eye on their kids while they are in the kitchen. To open up your space, start by knocking down some walls. Remove a dividing wall between your kitchen and dining room or kitchen and living room. Make sure you get professional advice first. Also, bring in more natural light by adding windows.

Kitchen and Bath

How about adding a few upgrades to your kitchen and bath? Freshen cabinet doors with some paint or replace outdated ones; additionally, install nickel or chrome doorknobs. Even more, include a mirror or install new light fixtures in your bath. Replace old tiles or vanity in order to give your bath a fresh and modern look.

Family time often gets spent in the kitchen. Whether it is over breakfast or after school, the kitchen is a common hang out spot. Why not add a breakfast nook to create those moments? A table, a few chairs, and a nice bay window will win the hearts of buyers. Give them a cozy spot to relax with their family. Depending on your renovation budget, replace old appliances with modern ones.

Finishing Touches

An obvious renovation tip that is often overlooked is to clean your home and windows. For your open house, you want buyers to feel comfortable as if the house is already theirs. Replace your worn carpets with hardwood floors. They add value to your home. Freshen your fireplace and add some fresh wood.

With these renovation trends, buyers will feel like you put serious thought into improving your home. Put yourself in their shoes and do the changes that will make you want to buy your home.

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