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Top Twitter Hashtags to Use for Real Estate Marketing

Top 5 Twitter Hashtags to Use for Real Estate Marketing

Twitter is an important social media platform for marketing a real estate business. Even more, hashtags are an essential part of every tweet that you post. If you are new, hashtags are what help people find you and your posts by using specific keywords. For example, let us say that you want to sell a house in La Crosse, WI. You can tell Twitter world that you want to sell a house on behalf of your client, and you can use hashtags in your post. Hence, any Twitter user who searches for La Crosse or for available homes in this area will come across your tweet and will get in touch with you. For this reason, hashtags are a vital real estate marketing tool. Here are some strategies to use the right hashtags.

Find the Right Twitter Hashtags for Real Estate Marketing

The key is to find the right keyword combination for each tweet. Doing this requires considerable time and effort. Use free and paid online tools that give you the right tags, based on your real estate marketing goals and campaigns. To know what is trending, simply type a related word into the search bar on Twitter. You will see how many posts are about it, and how many people are watching it. This should also give you some idea of which words you can use.

Do Constant Research

A downside of social media is that it is constantly changing, which means that the tags you use today might not be relevant next month or a few months down the line. So, it is best that you conduct research every few weeks. Then, update your list to ensure that you stay on top of what is trending on Twitter.

Common Hashtags for Real Estate Marketing

There are some common hashtags for real estate marketing. Common tags that real estate agents use include: #[your location], #[local attractions], #[location and school district], #[location and state], #[local events], #[unique aspects about your city], #[popular restaurants in your area], and #[name of your real estate company].

Thus, these are some of the tags you can use on Twitter to boost your real estate marketing efforts. Using Twitter is something that can help you boost the number of people who view your property, and hashtags are tremendously helpful.

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