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Two Years After Its Token Sale, Propy Launches Its Propy Blog

propy blog home page

Roughly two years after its successful token sale, Propy is excited to announce the official launch of its company blog. In addition to the usual product updates associated with such blogs, Propy’s publication will feature a healthy mix of educational content, entertainment, industry news, and company progress.

Propy Makes History Following Successful Token Sale

Back in 2016, the Propy dream started as a simple idea of bringing automation and liquidity to real estate assets via the blockchain. It took nine months for the team to solidify the plan. Then, the team created a token-based ecosystem, raising funds through a token sale that lasted just one month. Propy managed to sell over $16 million worth of its native tokens (PRO). The success of this sale meant that it was one of the top ten highest-earning ICOs of that summer.

Propy’s Strong Performance Continues

Propy showed that with the right mix of innovation and professionalism, successful token sales can still be achieved. CEO Natalia Karayaneva was able to find a much-needed solution to the regulatory disaster that is the international real estate market. As a result, people immediately saw value in her goal to make real estate transactions secure, fast, and cost-efficient through the use of blockchain technology. Of course, the journey is far from over.

Follow Post-Token Sale Propy Through the Blog

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are finally getting respect in the mainstream media. Thus, Propy is finding itself situated nicely for mass adoption. As the team continues on its mission, PRO holders and other enthusiasts can follow updates through the blog. Here, there is something for everyone, including homebuyers, owners, sellers, investors, and agents.

The lines between traditional and new technologies are intersecting more than ever. It is an incredibly exciting time for blockchain in real estate. So, follow post-token sale Propy through its blog.

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