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Why Transaction Coordinators More Needed During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many domains upended. Even the most determined and resilient leaders find it hard to survive through the circumstances with no definite end in sight. 

Real estate agents also find their hands tied when it comes to performing the most fundamental and integral parts of the jobs. This includes showing homes to buyers, having lunch with clients, and meeting with potential sellers. Simply stated, keeping the wheels of a relationship moving has become extremely challenging for the agents. 

It doesn’t end here; there is no straightforward way to determine the long and short-term effects of this deadly virus on the real estate industry, but agents must have to adapt and innovate to sustain and retain in the industry.

This  doesn’t mean they have to reinvent everything. Instead, they must find ways to improve and upgrade existing processes. Digital transformation, for instance, is one way to tailor the world’s needs in the current situation.

Transaction coordinators are tech-enabled people in the real estate industry who can handle various real estate technology tasks. Let’s delve into the details to find out why brokerages need transaction coordinators even more during COVID -19.

Need for Transaction Coordinators During COVID -19

Although virtual assistants are not something new to the real estate industry, the COVID-19 restrictions have practically made it a mandatory rule. Now that everything has gone virtual, brokers must look for options to help them handle things remotely.

In fact, any agent or assistant you recruit should know how to operate remotely to keep business running during a pandemic. It is because working on documents and contracts from anywhere has not only become a requirement but also a new norm.

Role of a Transaction Coordinator during COVID -19

A transaction coordinator is an assistant who is the first hire of the top-producing agent. Besides making listing appointments, a trained coordinator can also show houses, do inspections, and virtually perform nearly all real estate tasks. And this is what new consumers expect.

Transaction coordinators are more needed during a pandemic because they are determined and hyper-focused on bringing deals to the closing table. This allows real estate agents to work on bringing in more business.

A transaction coordinator knows how to manage the paperwork, get the contract signed, and schedule activities, closings and inspections virtually. With hi-tech transaction management tools, a coordinator ensures to make all processes automated. There is no inefficient paperwork and a lack of transparency when it comes to closing deals. 

Summing Up

All in all, there is no way you can deny the importance of a transaction coordinator in hard times like COVID-19. They handle many non-revenue generating tasks, enabling agents to focus on managing and expanding business. All top-producing agents prefer working with transaction coordinators and consider them a secret weapon to run the business during COVID-19 and achieve growth.

To find out more about how the transaction coordinator can help you, call us, or visit our website!

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