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Work-Life Balance and How to Leverage Technology

Sometimes, real estate agents can feel like they do not have a healthy work-life balance. Daytimes may be spent on prospecting or managing listings, showings may take place during the weekends, and evenings may be spent responding to client emails. Agents can feel overwhelmed by their schedules. However, leveraging technology can help.

Technology Can Help Agents Achieve Work-Life Balance

Technology can help agents achieve a better work-life balance. Of course, they should fully consider the benefits and limitations of any new app, gadget, or CRM before using it. One great example is leveraging social media. According to the NAR, real estate professionals rank social media as a better source of quality leads than MLS services and listing aggregator sites like Zillow. If done correctly, an agent can use social media as an effective way to target potential clients. Leveraging social media is one way to achieve work-life balance. There are also other ways that agents can leverage technology, such as using blockchain-based transaction platforms.

How Blockchain and Propy Can Help

One recent tech development is blockchain technology. The tech allows for transactions and payments via smart contracts. By leveraging this tech, agents can forge a healthier work-life balance.

Blockchain-based smart contracts cut down the amount of time that parties need to spend on a transaction. For example, Propy uses smart contracts to automate the work of expensive middlemen like banks, closing attorneys, and escrow agents. Not only does the system accelerate the purchase process, but it also lowers costs to consumers while removing the human element and attendant errors from the equation.

Propy’s Transaction Platform enables buyers and sellers to sign their documents virtually. Records, including the property deed, are stored on-chain where they are safe from loss or manipulation; relevant parties can still access these documents. Even more, Propy has already shown that the process works.

The Benefits of Leveraging Propy

Much like the adopters of social media marketing, agents who take the time to learn Propy’s platform will close deals more quickly than their peers. Over time, they will be able to close more deals with less energy and effort. As a result, they can improve their work-life balance.

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