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7 Top Tools Remote Brokerages Should Use

As we are amidst the crisis, we are certain that many of you have had to switch to fully remote teams and digital transactions. As real estate professionals, you are probably currently looking for the best solutions to help you adapt to the market.

Here are 7 tools that we recommend using during the crisis:


One of the best free tools you can use for team meetings and your agents can even use for meetings with their clients. You can easily record all your meetings as well. We have found it to be one of the most reliable tools in terms of connection, compared to others like Skype. There is free pricing available, but we recommend trying out the Pro plan, which is currently about $15 per user.


This messaging platform was designed to bring all your conversations in one place. Slack helps you split your chat into different channels, and the customizable notification framework makes it easy to interrupt conversations that do not need an immediate response. In addition, data import and export can be performed internally and externally, and the program can be incorporated into most of the platforms available, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub, etc. Slack is a free real estate app that’s available to any team and a must for team communication.


Free tool for project management. No, this is not one of those complex applications with in-depth instructions, detailed diagrams, and zero effectiveness. It has a simple to use interface. Despite Trello not being developed specifically for the real estate industry, agents may use it to manage a host of personal projects and track each independently from the concept until the end. Trello functions as a wizard that lets you add files, set deadlines, delegate tasks to your team and connect with the customers.

In addition, Trello easily integrates with other apps such as Slack, IFTT, etc. that make the greatest cocktail platform ever, because your power is not to find the best real estate app but to be able to combine different devices.


The go-to tool for remote closings (yes, we are a bit biased). Get together in one platform with your team & clients to close the deal remotely. From Offer to Deed recorded and free DocuSign integration, use Propy’s flow without risky email communication. No matter their technical skills, everyone can use our platform with ease.


A handheld scanner. It’s amazing the smartphone can search for documents and provide them with the editable version. This app simplifies the reporting process-one click and the document is securely saved on your computer and ready to edit. In addition, this app can help with passwords or watermarks to secure the documents. CamScanner enables its users not only to scan and securely store the documents but also to merge certain files to obtain a complete document. It’s also a tool that you can easily use with Propy’s Remote Closing Software.

CamScanner’s basic version is free, but if you choose application without intrusive ads – paid and business accounts are available at $5 and $7 respectively.

Mortgage Calculator

The best device ever for brokers. Remember all those calculations in Excel, tiny mistakes leading to massive disasters, hours of making your own mortgage calculators, days of repairing it and years of learning how it works. From now on it is in the past – 5 seconds to calculate the mortgage and 20 seconds more to send the customer your calculations. Oh, and did we mention that it’s completely FREE?


Chances are that both you and your prospective customers are juggling busy schedules, so locating, arranging and rescheduling show and consultation appointments will pose a major challenge. Calendly web-based resources promote determining the right time for a meeting or phone call for you and your leads.

Calendly is also free and there are Premium and Pro pricing starting from $8.

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