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Experiencing Tech Burnout? Find the Solution That Is Right for You

Experiencing Tech Burnout? Find the Solution That Is Right for You

Every year, there are dozens of new apps that promise to simplify back-office functions or boost sales. Many agents rely on these tools as a way of separating themselves from the competition. Unfortunately, chasing tech trends can do more harm than good. It can hurt production and even lead to burnout.

Why Agents Experience Burnout

Smartphones were meant to increase user efficiency and convenience, but even during the Blackberry days, it was clear that any reward would come at the price of round-the-clock availability. It is especially true in real estate. Clients expect their agents to be on call 24/7.

In response, a number of agents have turned to schedule apps. While these programs are great for keeping up with client demands, one must remember that if everything is important, then nothing is. The constant buzz not only diminishes each alarm’s value, but it also distracts one regularly.

Then, there is the issue of compatibility. Given the pile of paperwork that each transaction requires, it is no wonder that there are so many options for sorting and storing it. That said, each system is different, and few systems interface with each other. In order to collaborate, buyer’s agents, listing agents, and lawyers are forced to invent workarounds.

Staying ahead of the curve can result in a leaner sales operation, but when the various logins, passwords, and software updates bring more stress than profits, the practice can just as easily end in burnout. Once “tech fatigue” sets in, it may seem like the best course is to abandon apps altogether and return to square one.

The Solution to Tech Fatigue

Propy’s Transaction Platform is an all-in-one solution that integrates payment, document management, and secure storage features to offer a seamless experience to agents and clients alike. Through the platform, documents can be signed virtually and committed to the blockchain, escrow can be automated via smart contracts, and clients can even pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Meanwhile, as the process unfolds, each party receives notifications via email and SMS.

Because the platform houses all information and activity in the same place, collaboration is streamlined, and there is less need for coordination. Thanks to Propy, agent burnout may become a thing of the past.

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