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How to Earn More in Real Estate

There are plenty of adages and sayings about how happiness is the most essential thing in life. Unfortunately, happiness doesn’t pay the bills. Or, does it? According to a recent survey, job satisfaction is one of the most significant factors in determining the salary of a real estate agent. It might sound simple, but there is science to back it up.

Happy Real Estate Agents Make up to 4.5 Times More Money

Happy agents see a lot more than just a token salary increase. Due to the fact that real estate depends so much upon effort, it should come as no surprise that motivated agents see substantial gains. However, the actual numbers might shock you. A recent survey showed that the professionals who were not very satisfied made an average of about $23,300. However, on the flip side, agents who were very satisfied were earning a whopping $105,000.

It Is Science: Happy Workers Are More Productive

The happiness factor extends beyond real estate. In a study published by the University of Warwick, researchers conducted an experiment to determine the impact of happiness upon worker productivity. In the end, they discovered that happy workers were 12% more productive with their time than those who were unhappy. 12% might not sound like a big difference, but it can be the difference that takes you to the top.

Being Happier Makes You a Better Real Estate Agent

Happy agents are more productive in different ways. They perform better as part of a team. They are also more creative, they focus on finding solutions rather than complaining about problems, and they have an optimistic outlook. If that does not describe the personality of an ideal agent, it is hard to say what does.

It might sound simple to say that being happy will earn you more money. However, a focus on your own well-being can certainly pay big dividends. This matters in the world of real estate.

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