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Smart loans and transaction automation is the future of homebuying

Propy announces a partnership with LoanSnap

We are happy to announce that LoanSnap, the company that enables its customers to own their financial future, and Propy, a company revolutionizing the real estate transaction, have announced a partnership. The two companies are at the forefront of lending and transaction automation. Their new alliance is no surprise as they look for ways to combine their innovative technology for the benefit of customers.

Through the partnership, users will be able to apply for LoanSnap mortgages at the same time as purchasing a house using Propy’s Offer Management and consumer-focused transaction platform. In turn, this will make the process of making offers, applying for a loan, and closing the deal a more streamlined and frictionless experience.

LoanSnap’s vision – Improving every American’s financial future

Smart loans are a new approach to the home mortgage and refinancing market. They were designed to help people own their financial future while not wasting money on financial products that are wrong for them.

LoanSnap is a company at the forefront of the smart loan and provides financial solutions based on a customer’s entire financial situation. They aim to provide customers with the best option for them, without just focusing on finding the lowest interest rates. Low-interest rates are important for some, but other financial factors may also need to be addressed to make sure customers keep more of their money in their pockets. For example, you might already have credit card debts or still be paying off a student loan, LoanSnap takes all these factors into account with their patented smart mortgage technology to ensure that monthly payments are as low as they can be. This is done by showing customers where they are losing money and how they can refinance, get credit, or get a loan that is right for their specific situation.

LoanSnap’s vision for the future is one where the current banking industry is broken wide open so that customers and their needs are put at the forefront of mortgage applications.

Propy’s vision for the future – Building a world where real estate transactions are “self-driving”

Propy’s mission is to automate the real estate transaction. As a result, the home buying process is finally enjoyable for consumers and realtors are fully empowered by technology. Propy platform is integrating with the most forward-looking proptech companies, namely mortgage providers and title companies. The end goal is one – to shorten the closing period dramatically. Propy’s customers are brokerages and realtors, and the first interaction with the consumer happens during the submission of offers. When the parties select a lender, and a title/escrow company and Propy plans to recommend the most secure, agile, and tech-driven options.

Propy’s system streamlines three innovative software products. The first one is Propy’s offer management. Offer automation enables agents to win more sellers by sharing all offers instantly with the sellers via Propy with summarized terms. The second is Propy’s transaction management that lets users manage every real estate transaction and list efficiently with Docusign integrated and multiple management features. Last but not least is the consumer interface, which helps consumers to stay on track with the entire process from offer to deed, making the whole transaction transparent and guided.

Propy’s primary goal is to create a world where barriers to real estate ownership are removed.

How the visions Propy and LoanSnap overlap

As part of the new partnership, customers will be able to get faster pre-approved LoanSnap loans when using Propy’s cutting edge Offer Management interface. This will, in turn, speed up the whole process of buying a home and take the pain out of applying for a mortgage. Time is important in the modern world, and both LoanSnap and Propy have built their companies on making things easier and less time consuming for their customers. By shortening the time and effort required when purchasing a home, they are giving you back more precious resources so you can focus on the important things in your life, like having fun or spending time with your family.

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