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Living in the Heart of Silicon Valley Is Stressful

Living in the Heart of Silicon Valley Is Stressful

Silicon Valley, with its rolling hills and perfect climate, was once a paradise. Now, it is a stressful place to live. While the tech boom brought unprecedented prosperity to the region, it also brought a wealth of bad qualities, causing long-time residents to wonder, “Is it time to finally leave?”

How Much Would You Pay to Live in Paradise?

Everyone has a different definition of paradise. For many in Northern California, it is Silicon Valley. However, with each year that passes, living in the area gets more stressful, sparking a debate on whether it is worth the high cost of admission. Forty years into the Internet revolution, Silicon Valley’s GDP is so high that if it were its own country, it would be ranked as the country with the second-highest per person GDP in the world. Yet, with all of that wealth comes a change of life.

Big Changes Are Coming to Silicon Valley

Aside from the high cost of living in Silicon Valley, there are changes that are unrelated to money. With the influx of tech companies comes the natural ambush of a tech-infused lifestyle in the region. Wherever you go, the use of tech is there. People spend less time together, with apps and social media platforms replacing human interaction. Online shopping is destroying local businesses in Palo Alto. Additionally, traffic has become so stressful that people opt to order food from home rather than go out to eat. With all of these factors, many residents are looking to move. The question is, where.

Californians Are Migrating in Record Numbers

A recent survey conducted by Edelman Intelligence found that 53% of Californians are considering leaving the state for more affordable places like Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. People are tired of renting houses in overly expensive and stressful areas such as Silicon Valley. So, they are now making the transition to homebuying and settling down in more relaxed parts of America.

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