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Pink Restaurants Trend: 3 Things You Need to Know

Pink Restaurants Trend: 3 Things You Need to Know

Have you seen a pink restaurant in your area recently? Maybe you have not, but they are the latest trend. The color pink is growing in popularity, and it is featured in almost everything. From logos and branding to residential and commercial interior design, pink is quite prevalent. The color pink can be found in the fashion and the packaging of anything from beauty products to bakery goods. It has also made its way into films as a signature color.

Since 2010, rosé became popular, and so did pink. However, it was not until 2014 that ‘millennial pink’ or ‘new pink’ took off. So, what is going on regarding pink restaurants? Check out these three cool facts.

It Is NOT Bubblegum Pink, Hot Pink, or Fuchsia!

New pink is anywhere from a dusty, grayish-bluish hue to a salmon hue. Fashion-forward pink restaurants feature a wide spectrum of new pink, which some people believe is a symbol of good health. The new pink color also reflects power, as described by architect and designer India Mahdavi regarding the Gallery at Sketch in London.

Pink Is the Latest Style in Restaurant Interiors

Pink Is the Latest Style in Restaurant Interiors

The color pink is even in food and drinks. This growth is mostly due to the success of Sketch, which the New Yorker profile of Mahdavi reports is the most ‘Instagrammed’ restaurant in London. Since pink seems to be getting many likes, restaurateurs are confident that the inclusion of pink elements in establishments will entice customers.

Pink Is a Flattering Hue

The fact that new pink is still trending suggests that the attraction is deeper than marketing campaigns or reminiscence. The trend has definitely existed for some time. Soft pinks are popular for dining rooms, and people consider them to be flattering colors. No wonder why there is an increase in the number of pink restaurants out there!

The expectation is that the pink-on-pink trend will continue. However, the challenge for restaurant designers is to create rooms that tell stories. The rooms should create pleasant memories, just as Mahdavi’s pink hues remind her of the strawberry milkshakes that she enjoyed as a child. In other words, pink restaurants should offer more than just an attractive backdrop for an Instagram photo.

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