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It’s finally here: Propy Meta Agent Course

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re proud to announce that the Propy Meta Course – the course that lets you learn and explore the value of the metaverse – is here! Developed by Web3 real estate experts, the course will assist you in understanding and navigating digital worlds and prepare you to advise your real-world clients in evaluating potential and buying digital land.

We’re excited to bring you this opportunity to learn about everything from an overview of the different metaverses to buying, selling, and developing digital land within specific worlds.

We know that it’s hard to keep up with all of the changes in technology and media, but Propy is here to help you stay on top of things. Our mission is to share our knowledge and experience with Web3 technology and bring real estate agents and others along with us on this journey of transformation. We want to make sure that you are equipped with the understating of changing realities, and equip you with skills to open potential new sources of income, now as real estate advisors in any industry.

The Propy Meta Course is designed with your needs in mind. You’ll learn everything from basic concepts like web3 technology basics, and practical guides on how to find and connect the wallet to how land ownership works in the metaverse, and how it is transferred and recorded. We will take you on guided tours of the most popular and advanced virtual decentralized worlds.

Our course is perfect for people who want to get involved in the metaverse, but don’t know where to start. We break down all of its pieces for you so that you can understand how the real and the virtual world intercept and how your peers are using their knowledge and engagement in the metaverse in the real world.

Are you interested in becoming an expert on real estate in the metaverse? Do you want to know how to use this knowledge to gain more clients and grow your business in the real world?

If so, then our course is for you.

The course consists of 4 online modules consisting of instruction, visual summaries, and virtual tours and takes an estimated 5 hours to complete.

Meta Agent course curriculum covers:

  • • Virtual world fundamentals and how to experience and engage.
  • • Guided tours of the most popular and advanced worlds.
  • • The pros and cons of each world.
  • • Buying and selling property within specific worlds.
  • • Concepts and opinions about the role of an agent in the metaverse.
  • • What are the potential impacts of virtual worlds and how do these intercept with reality.

Save your seat and get started on your path to becoming a meta agent and join Propy’s growing community of Web3-savvy real estate experts!

Here is a quick video on how to buy Meta Agent Course with the external wallet. The program costs 190 PRO tokens.

Have questions, or feedback or are Interested to bring the Meta Course or our Crypto Certified Course to your next team, office, brokerage event or include it into your internal professional training and continued education curriculum, please email

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