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The World's 1st Blockchain-enabled Title & Escrow

Propy to Become Global Solution for Real Estate Transactions

Propy to Become Global Solution for Real Estate Transactions

Technology has certainly helped some industries enhance their overall operations. One industry that can use blockchain technology is real estate. Before Propy came along, the traditional process of closing real estate deals was tedious, expensive, and vulnerable to fraud and document manipulation.

Propy Reinvents Real Estate and Opens Doors to Global Markets

Propy’s innovative use of blockchain technology introduces a new way of doing things. By analyzing the current problems with escrow and brokerages, Propy aims to utilize unique, competitive tools to form a global solution to current real estate problems.

Using smart contracts on the blockchain, Propy was able to reinvent the real estate transaction process and improve transactional efficiency. Besides speeding up transaction time, having all documents stored on the blockchain also eliminates fraud.

Propy’s platform lets buyers and sellers close the real estate deal completely online, without third-party entities. Deal transactions can use traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, or a mix of both. However, cryptocurrency payments allow for even more fluid cross-border payments.

2019 Will Be Another Year of Change, Innovation, and Evolution for Propy

2019 will be another year of change, evolution, and innovation for the Propy team and the real estate community. Last year, after Propy’s transaction platform entered the United States, European, and Asian markets, it generated interest from large real estate corporations and governments that wanted to implement Propy’s technology. This year, Propy aims to do better.

With its Crypto Certified Agent program, Propy will educate more real estate professionals on the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Forward-thinking realtors who educate themselves will gain a competitive advantage. With more cooperation between blockchain platforms and traditional real estate businesses, Propy believes that there will be more solutions to current real estate transaction problems that exist.

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