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Real Estate Realtor – Profession of the Past; Here Is What You Should Know

Real Estate Realtor - Profession of the Past; Here Is What You Should Know

The real estate industry is under attack. With each new passing year, machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence are making huge advancements. Innovative platforms like Propy are changing the way that real estate agents operate. Today, agents need to adapt or face extinction.

Real Estate Markets of the Future Are Here

Years ago, no one could imagine buying a house online. The problem is that we grew so familiar with the former real estate model that it became difficult for us to see any alternative. Thankfully, Propy had the insight to inspect an old problem under a new lens. Just like that, the “Amazon for Real Estate” was born.

Today, brokers are virtual, offices are nonexistent, and transaction efficiency is skyrocketing. The job description of a real estate agent is changing before our very eyes. For those who want to stay in the game, it is time to adapt.

What the Real Estate Agents of Today Look Like

Being a real estate agent in today’s landscape is no longer a one-dimensional profession. To compete with automated features, real estate agents need to expand their offerings. For example, the brokerage firm Compass offers home sellers a pre-sale cleaning and improvement procedure with no upfront cost. Painting, staging, deep cleaning, decluttering, and more are what an old-world real estate agent can offer today. Sure, it is a creative way to adapt, but there is a more tech-savvy solution.

What Is a Crypto Certified Real Estate Agent?

Propy’s virtual real estate ecosystem is quickly making many aspects of the property industry obsolete. With smart contracts and automation, third-party intermediaries are becoming less important. As technology develops, the entire transaction process will only involve the buyer and the seller; services will be automated, and documents will be stored on the blockchain. Crypto Certified Real Estate Agents will support Propy’s blockchain network.

With the help of automation, we can gain independence from the piles of paperwork and the delays associated with slow, bureaucratic practices. Propy is leading the way on this; expect it to become the new normal in future years.

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