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Top 12 Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 3)

Top 12 Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 3)

In our ongoing series about best practices for real estate sales, we have compiled another three tips for our readers. We hope that these tips are useful and that you will implement them in the coming year. (Continued from Part 2)

7. Always Build Equity

As a real estate professional, you are familiar with the power of equity. When people rent, they flush money down the toilet, but when they own, they build wealth. With real estate ownership, an individual can borrow against equity, use the property as a retirement hedge, and enjoy other kinds of benefits. Take advantage of the widespread knowledge that you have about the regional real estate scene. Impress upon your clients the power of equity, and it might help you close another deal or two.

8. Find Limitless Attention and Energy

If you love your work, then allow yourself to be obsessed with getting the best deals for your clients. Your clients are not professionals, and they probably do not have anything close to your knowledge about real estate. So, when your clients come to you, you can serve them by providing helpful information as quickly as possible. Do not overload them, and do not be needy or grating. Instead, concentrate as much energy as possible on delivering “dream” deals to them. Sooner or later, you will strike gold.

9. Be a Helper First

Do not be a salesperson. Instead, be a helper; thinking of yourself in this way will motivate you to aide your clients in the same way that you would help a family member. Instead of gunning for a commission, you will be working toward an outcome that serves the client’s unique position, needs, and desires.

We at Propy spend our time perfecting technology solutions that remove inconvenience, waste, and security threats from the real estate transaction experience. However, without human agents using modern best practices, our technology will never be able to achieve widespread success in the industry. Join Propy in creating a new standard for global real estate in 2020.

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